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Detox Diet: Use These Proven Cleansing Diet to Lose Weight

detoxdietA detox diet is a diet plan that helps in cleansing the body from harmful toxins and poisons. The concept behind detox diet is to consume pure and natural foods that will help in better functioning of lymph, liver and kidneys. All the food that hinders the functioning of the vital body parts are avoided in a detox diet. A detox diet starts with a fast, which is for a limited duration of time, and emphasize on consumption of plenty of water and vegetables. A detox diet can significantly help in losing weight, however, this weight loss is not permanent.

In a detox diet you are required to fast for two to three days, and then specific foods are added in the diet. Consumption of a diet that is high on fiber, low on fat and abundant in natural food can be healthy for anyone. Improved nutrition can have major effects on the metabolism rate of the body, and thus help in burning extra fat.

Given below are some of the detox diets that can help you in losing weight:


Tea is considered to be a natural detoxification agent. Tea is helpful in keeping the balance between the production and excretion of harmful toxins in the body. There are many types of teas that can show significant results in weight loss. Green tea is quite effective in reducing the cholesterol level, and making immune system strong. Dandelion tea plays a big role in protecting liver, and cleaning the blood stream. Peppermint tea is very useful for people facing digestion and nausea issues, where as ginger tea does the detoxification of the body through perspiration.

Lemon detox diet

Often referred as master cleanse diet, it is one of the most famous detox diet for losing weight. The reason for the popularity of this detox diet is the association of various celebrities who opted this diet to lose weight. It is very helpful in losing weight, and improves the complexion of the skin. All the ingredients of this detox diet are readily available, and you can even find them in your kitchen. This detox diet is for those who wants fast result in losing weight. However, this diet is not recommended for everyone by health professional

Liver detoxification diet

Liver is a vital organ of the body, and plays a big role in detoxification of the body. The usage of cabbage is beneficial, if you planning for a liver detoxification. It will not only increase the metabolism rate of the body, but will also help in burning extra fat. Cabbage improves the digestion power of the body that is very important in weight loss. If you are on a liver detox diet then it is highly advised to consume cabbage in the form of soup. Consumption of cabbage in the form of soup works best in detox diet. Health professional advise people that if they are on liver detox diet, they need to make sure to add green leafy vegetables. and fresh fruits in the diet.

Weight loss with cranberry juice detoxification

This is one of the highly preferred detox diet for people who are looking to lose weight with detox diet. It plays a big role in improving the metabolism of the body, which in turn converts body fat into energy to fuel body parts. Cranberry based detox diet gives best result in summer or in spring seasons. This detox diet involves drinking lots of organic cranberry juices along with green vegetables and fresh fruits. If done in the correct way it can work wonders in weight loss, and cleansing of body from alcohol and nicotine.

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