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Full Body Workout | Home Fitness Routines with @LongLiveFit

Home workout routineToday I have my friends Kern and Noelle from Fitnessawayoflife pay me a visit at home. So we took the opportunity to get some home workout in (how could we miss that chance!). The home fitness routines we designed are simple, yet engaging, and result-yielding. In addition, these routines are in line with our theme of minimum use of gym equipment. In fact, besides the Gymboss Interval Timer (which everyone should have), there’s no other equipment involved in this workout session.

Since it’s three of us, the workout is segmented into three different categories 1) Advanced (for people who’ve been working out for many years) 2) Intermediate (for those who are still getting a grasp of certain workout concepts, and 3) Beginner (for anyone who’s just getting their feet wet with regards to exercising).

Modified Plank

In this routine, you are working your upper body, specifically, your triceps, chest, shoulders and back. As Noelle demonstrated in the video, those in the advanced category will be lifting both elbows simultaneously. Keep your arms parallel to each other and your back straight at all time. Breathe properly through the exercise and keep it going for 30 to 60 seconds. The intermediate category will drop one elbow on the mat followed by the other elbow and do the same on the way up. This ensures some of the pressure is removed on your shoulder and triceps areas. Finally beginners will do the same as the intermediate folks, with a slight adjustment. People within this category will keep their knees on the floor at all time.

Triceps Dips with Toe Touch

In this exercise, you are working, not only your triceps, but also your core, back and legs. The advanced category folks are barely touching the mat with their butt. The focus is on driving their core upwards with their legs and arms, and tapping their toes with their hands. The intermediate club, as demonstrated by Kern, will spend a little more time on the mat (relative to the advanced), but this category is also exercising their triceps with as much engagement as the advanced group. Finally the beginners have less triceps strength and as a result, will be spending the entire set period, with their butt on the mat.

Dreya Roll

The goal of this exercise is to work on your balance as well as lower body strength. The advanced group will perform the entire dreya roll routine with their arms in the air. In other words, the only thing touching the mat is your back. Your quads are working at their maximum in this workout routine. The intermediate category will apply a slight pressure on the mat (with their hands) on the way up. Finally the beginners will refrain from leaning back on the mat. This group will also use their hands on the way up.

Final Consideration

Perform each routine for 30 to 60 seconds. Take no break until you are through with the 2 exercises. Then rest for 10 to 20 second and repeat the entire circuit again 9 more times for a total of 10 times. Good Luck!