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Knee Pain From Cycling | Top 6 Tips To Preventing This Uncomfortable Feeling

knee pain from cyclingKnee pain from cycling is a common complaint among bikers. This pain can become so intense that it makes it difficult for one to cycle. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to prevent it. Below are some tips for preventing knee pain from cycling:

Dress comfortably

First and foremost, cyclists need to dress comfortably before they go out for a ride. They should wear a good pair of athletic shoes and socks. Restrictive clothing should not be worn because it can decrease blood circulation, which can lead to pain. Many cyclists like to wear spandex ‘skin suits’ which assist in muscle performance and aerodynamics.

Adjust the bike

Adjusting the bike before riding can help prevent knee pain from cycling. The seat should be adjusted to a height that allows the rider to almost completely extend his or her leg straight while sitting on the bike. The handle bars should be adjusted to a length that allows one to ride comfortably without putting a strain on the wrists, back or shoulders.

Stretch before and after

One of the reasons knee pain from cycling is rampant stems from the fact that some cyclists forget to stretch. Stretching loosens the muscles, which helps reduce soreness in the knees and legs. It is important for cyclists to remember to stretch before and after they exercise.

Drink plenty of water

Cycling is an activity that can make one sweat a lot. Excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. Dehydrated muscles do not function as well as hydrated ones. That is why people should drink water before, during and after their ride.

Wear a knee brace

Cyclists may also want to consider wearing a knee brace. A brace will provide support for the muscles and the ligaments in the knee. Many cyclists who have never experienced knee pain wear knee braces.

Do not over-train

Many cyclists have the tendency to over- train. Over-training not only leads to knee pain, but it can also increase one’s chances of getting injured. People should make sure that they allow at least one day of rest per week. Resting allows the body time to heal damaged tissue and muscle.

Additionally, cyclists should slowly make changes to their routine. For example, a person normally cycles for an hour a day, and wants to eventually cycle for two hours a day. He or she should add ten minutes per week until the goal has been attained. This will allow one to reach the two-hour goal without overtraining.

Knee pain can take the enjoyment out of a bike ride. The good news is that knee pain can be prevented. Cyclists will need to wear comfortable clothing and adjust the bike before riding. They will also need to stretch before and after they exercise. Furthermore, wearing a knee brace and giving the body time to rest can help prevent knee pain from cycling.

Author Bio: Tony is the Manager at one of the largest bike stores in Australia. His store is known for the largest range of bicycles available and he is always looking to increase his range. Tony is an avid cyclist himself and is currently in training for his next road race.

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