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Why a Personal Trainer Is Not Needed To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

are personal trainers worth the moneyIt has become very popular to work with a personal trainer to achieve fitness goals. It is easy to let someone else stand over you and give you instructions much like a drill sergeant would; you do not have to think about what to do, how long to do it, when to do it or even how to do it, a personal trainer takes care of all that for you. But if the idea of someone controlling your fitness regime does not excite you, do not worry, you can still get to where you want to be without the help of a personal trainer.

Frustration, Embarrassment and the Gym

Sometimes, having someone that looks great in a tiny bathing suit tell you how you should be working out can give you a poor feeling of self-image. You may be embarrassed when you are not sure how to do something or when he or she tries to talk to you about your eating habits or how out of shape you are. If you meet with your trainer at a public gym, the embarrassment can be doubled. Quite often, this can lead to you missing appointments and just wasting your money.

Motivation and Dedication

It is true that having a personal trainer may get you through when you lack motivation but if you are missing appointments it will not do you any good. Believe it or not, it does not take very long to get into the routine of doing your exercises. Once you have created a habit, you will not need any added motivation from someone you pay. Find a friend to help you get through the beginning part. If they are willing to exercise with you, that’s even better. A workout buddy is the perfect motivator (as long as you choose that workout partner wisely). No one can make you dedicated to exercising; that has to come from within, and for some, it’s a wake up call. Hopefully, you won’t wait for any life-threatening wake up call to get you to begin taking your health seriously.

Understanding your Strengths, Weaknesses and Fitness Goals

You know yourself. It might take some deep thinking to admit some of your weaknesses and you may tend to over exaggerate your strengths, but when it comes right down to it, you know what  you are capable of and how far to push yourself. While there are some common fitness goals such as lowering blood pressure or improving overall health, a personal trainer may try to have you reaching for a goal you really do not care about. Again, having a friend to work out with may be better for you in the long run. You are more apt to open up and tell them how you feel and what it is you are trying to achieve than talk to someone you do not know and who cannot relate to you. Most people do not even like to talk to a doctor about certain issues, and weight is one of them.

Taking Classes or Working out with Videos

It is not necessary to have a personal trainer to design different routines for you. Even if you hold a couple of jobs that pay $200k in total, you’re still better off saving your money on a personal trainer. There are many different classes at gyms or community centers you can attend. This also gives you a chance to meet and talk with people who are experiencing the same problems you have. If you do not feel you are ready to go public with your exercising, there are thousands of videos available to buy or rent; many can be viewed online.

The important thing is to take charge of your exercise regimen; get up and get moving. The more you do, the better you will feel. With our without a trainer, doing anything is better for you than doing nothing at all.

About the Author: Victoria Heckstall is a freelance writer who believes that fitness goals can be achieved without the assistance of a personal trainer. Additionally, she invites you to use this Nutrisystem referral code and learn more about weight loss after pregnancy.