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Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here are 5 Possible Reasons and Solutions

Why can't i lose weightA common experience for many dieters is that despite all the dieting and exercising they do religiously, it does not yield the desired weight loss. Why does this happen? Apparently, for these reasons:

1. You’re eating a lot of sugar

Despite following a strict diet, you might be taking a lot of sugar in your beverages, causing a chemical reaction in the body leading to fat storage. To lose weight, avoid eating sweets.

2. You don’t exercise enough

How much one should exercise varies from person to person, but a minimal 120 minutes of brisk walking four times a week is good. Perhaps, your sedentary lifestyle doesn’t allow you to be active, so counter this by walking your pet or walking round the block once a day.

3. You’re not eating sufficient calories

An insufficient amount of dietary calories will retard your metabolic rate to save the energy your body needs for keeping your vital organs functioning. So, eat enough, don’t starve yourself.

4. You’re too stressed out

When you’re stressed out, the body releases a chemical reaction, causing weight gain in the abdomen. Though the hormone, cortisol, helps deal with stress, its side-effect is weight gain. Instead, do yoga or meditation to minimize your stress levels.

5. You have medical problems

Perhaps, you have medical problems that interfere with your ability to lose weight through controlled diet and exercise.

Deep-rooted causes of weight gain

So, if diet and exercise are not the answer to our weight management issues, what is? Researchers say that there are deep-rooted reasons why people cannot lose weight, such as career problems, failed relationships, genetics, behavior patterns in childhood, stress and uncontrollable food cravings. These problems must be addressed and resolved before any weight loss can be achieved.

Safe and effective weight loss techniques

Instead of resorting to expensive weight loss plans, you could use easy, safe and effective weight loss methods such as using public transport instead of going by car or cab. Sleep for eight hours a day so that your body can recover both physically and mentally. Be physically active, whether in the gym or elsewhere. Take a walk in the early morning sun for adequate Vitamin D or eat yogurt, tuna or salmon.

Develop a mindful approach to weight loss

So finally, weight loss plans begin with having the right approach to them. You need to lose weight gradually by changing your lifestyle and habits and incorporate healthy food habits. You can achieve this in these ways by being mindful of what you’re doing or doing it consciously.

• Be positive about your food associations

Perhaps, you hate boiled or steamed food. Perhaps it is this mental attitude to food that keeps you plump and podgy. So, change your food perceptions and embrace change and eat weight-reducing foods.

• Eat in moderation: Three meals a day are enough to keep off cravings and keep well-fed. Reduce your portion size and include veggies and fruits, nuts, yogurt and dried fruit in your diet. • Be active: Increase your physical activity by going for a brisk walk, jogging, sprinting, skipping, swimming or doing yoga for about 20 minutes a day.

• Remain truthful to your goals: If you’ve decided to lose 10kg by Christmas, let your family and friends know this so that you keep encouraging you. You can only achieve the desired weight loss if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain it in the long-term, because short-term quick fixes give short-term and minimal weight loss.

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