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5 Theme Park Foods You’re Better Off Avoiding

theme park healthy foodGoing to the theme park can be loads of fun. And let’s be honest, the experience is not just about the rides but also about the food. There are simply some things that are served there that you just can’t find anywhere else (at least that tastes the way that it does there!).

While our taste buds may like everything about that fact, the truth is that when it comes to our health, it’s actually probably a really good thing that we only do “theme park dining” a few times per year. A lot of the foods are filled with sugar, salt and a ton of calories.

So, if you’re planning a theme park trip and you end up passing by those cute little kiosks, before stocking up, here are some foods that may be tempting, but honestly, you’re better off avoiding:

Cotton candy

If you open up a bag of sugar and pour it down your throat, it would almost be like eating cotton candy. Just 2 oz. of it is around 220 calories. If that alone didn’t convince you to reconsider, look at it this way: You could eat three scoops of chocolate chip ice cream and get more nutritional value than with one serving of cotton candy.

Funnel cakes

They tastes good, no doubt about it. But, in order to put a funnel cake into perspective, think about getting a big, glazed Krispy Kreme donut and then deep frying it. Then, to top it off, dip it into some powdered sugar. That is what you’re looking at when you’re eating a funnel cake. Well, that and about 700 calories and 40 grams of fat.

Soft pretzels

When you want a slice of pepperoni pizza and you are thinking about calling pizza delivery Dallas, Nashville or wherever it is that you live, you might order the thin crust because most of the empty calories are in the dough, right? Also, a lot of bread equals out to be lots of carbs. This is how you should look at a jumbo soft pretzel (plus, it has even more grams of fat than the funnel cake does: a whopping 100 grams!).


Who would have thought that out of all of the drinks at a theme park that you should avoid, lemonade would top the list? Yet, here’s the deal. It’s usually not made from fresh lemons, but a lemon drink mix that already sugar in it. Then, there is more sugar added to make it extra sweet (perhaps as way to make you thirstier so that you will buy more on a really hot summer’s day). Sometimes, there is so much sugar in it, that a medium drink can be somewhere between 300-350 calories per serving.

Turkey leg

Ah, the turkey leg. Usually, they’re so large that you find yourself wondering where the turkeys came from, right? You would think that a grilled piece of meat wouldn’t have the amount of calories that it does (around 1,100 calories). Plus, there tends to be a lot of sodium that comes with this particular option. You may enjoy it while you’re eating it, but when you’re spending five hours of cardio to burn it off, you might have wished that you had went with a corn dog (a better alternative) instead.

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