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Affordable Health Care Plan: A Look at Christian Healthcare Ministries

This is a guest post by Christian Healthcare Ministries (a provider of affordable health care plan), and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of


health care planObamacare or the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been discussed by the US in the court of public opinion and real courts. It had been much debated but here is the entire law, Feel free to read it, you will be ahead of most lawmakers who voted on it. This law was approved as legal by the United States Supreme Court in June 2012.

So where does that leave the American People? An estimated 6 million people in the US do not have medical insurance. If it was a choice of sending your kids to school or feeding them what would you do? A difficult question. The PPACA provides for penalties on those who do not purchase a medical coverage plans approved by the IRS. Tax penalties assessed by the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you are for or against Obamacare, in doing my research I found a viable and affordable choice for certain groups.

Healthcare plan and Christian Healthcare Ministries

As you might know, religious sects are exempt if they are members of a group that shares medical bills, even if it is not insurance. Did you know Christianity is now considered a sect by law? Since I personally do not want to participate in this health care plan, I looked for a plan that allows businesses and individuals to opt out. After working a few years in Iraq and Afghanistan I came back to see what society we are protecting. My company has been paying $500 plus per month for medical insurance and I was paying about $200 a month. Cobra was outrageous, over $2000 per month for a single person. At that time I did some research about the PPACA and coverage costs. Then I learned Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM). CHM is based on scripture, specifically Galations 6:2 “Bear ye one another’s burdens” Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on. I think we can all agree that government has not yet come up with a workable solution for medical care coverage for the majority of US citizens. FYI, CHM does not pay agents (or me) anything to introduce you to it.

Christian Healthcare Ministries health care plan provisions are simple to understand, and point out how it is different from traditional plans.

1) CHM does not pay agents any commission. No one who promotes CHM makes commission or off of those who choose to join. This lowers costs. Most programs are not set up that way.
2) CHM is not insurance. Insurance is a contract. This is a group of Christians who help other Christians, based on Biblical Principles. You can do more of your own research on this organization at encourage you to, it is what I did.
3) There are membership requirements that lower the group cost, and may not fit everyone.

A) You must be Christian,
B) You must attend church regularly,
C) You must not use illegal drugs, or tobacco,
D) You must use alcohol only under biblical principles.

How Does Christian Healthcare Ministries Health Care Plan Work?

CHM has been around for about 30 years helping share medical bills of members to the tune of $500 million.

On pre-existing conditions, CHM pays $15,000 the first year, $10,000 the next year, and a total of $50,000 the third year. After the third year, it is no longer considered pre-existing.  That’s pretty cool!

Prayers are also shared, which I think is great, considering the now documented power of prayer. One moving story, in the monthly newsletter sent out to members, was a story about a member named Erin Briggs. Erin had a rare cancer in her abdomen .She was only 29 years old. Her bills totaled over $300,000. As a CHM member, her bills were negotiated to a lower sum, and CHM shared the remainder. She is now thankfully cancer free. This is only one story, but there are dozens of stories each month in the newsletter.

Again I urge you to do your own research on this health care plan. There are 3 levels of coverage and you can choose the one that’s right for you: Bronze, Gold and Silver. A unit is a mother or father in a family, so both of them are considered two units. Children are considered one unit, no matter how many you have. So, on the Bronze plan, one unit is $45 per month, a family would pay $135 for a mother, father and unlimited number of children. The silver costs $85 per unit and Gold, $150 per unit. Coverage price has increased only once since the year 2000. The difference in the plans basically is the amount of personal responsibility. For example on the Bronze plan, you have $5,000 that you take care of personally. The great thing is that any reduction of your bills goes toward your personal responsibility.

So for example, if you have a $20,000 hospital bill arrived and you (or CHM) negotiated to $15,000 your personal responsibility is met by the reduction. On the Silver Plan the personal responsibility is $1000 and on the Gold Plan is $500 personal responsibility.

Further Considerations

Overall, CHM is in my opinion a great way to opt out of another huge government program. Keep in mind the following: there are many things that CHM does not pay for: dental, vision, pharmacy, psychiatric, or alternative forms of wellness. I was looking on YouTube and saw some plans that help with this. Even for people who already have a form of health care plan. The best solution I have found is backed by Dorsey Dental Services (DDS) and called Wellness Shield. Again you can research this more at Wellness Shield.

Now I will tell you the pillars of this plan.
1) Karis Group – They negotiate lower medical costs;
2) Aetna Dental Group – All providers agree to a preset , discounted fee schedule
3) Direct Labs – Discounts on all lab services
4) PHCS- The largest network of physicians and specialists in the US. All services discounted.
5) CallMD – Instead of emergency room or expensive office visit call and talk to a real MD. They offer different levels also, and all plans are cheap and cover your whole household, no matter how many or who lives there.

The most expensive plan is $50 per month. In combination with CHM this is a real winner, in my opinion. All bases are covered, for much less than traditional insurance models. CallMD alone is worth the cost. I will share more about this service in later articles. But, now you know that you have options and do not have to pay IRS levied tax penalties and you can afford reasonable coverage. Please leave a comment below or contact these services if you have more questions.

The video below explains the health care plan and its offerings: CHM and WellnessShield. Combined they cover your whole household at affordable rates, and you can choose the levels you like.


About the Author: Christian Health Options shows you how to opt-out of Obamacare and fill in the gaps if you already have a plan you like.

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