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Alkaline Water Ionizer: A Way of Making Tap Water Healthier

alkaline water ionizerCan simply changing your tap water make a significant impact on your health? With an alkaline water ionizer it can. The water from an alkaline water ionizer increases hydration, accelerates mineral absorption, provides an anti-oxidant boost, and balances the acidity in your body. Alkaline water was the solution to the balancing acidity in our modern day diets. It is an anti-oxidant that has stronger free radical fighting power than organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, when used in combination with a well-balanced diet, it even increases nutrient and mineral absorption from antioxidant rich foods.

There are many desirable benefits to drinking alkaline water. Drinking this type of water can help to reduce the overall acidity level of the body. Maintaining an alkaline pH level can help the body fight and flush toxins naturally, which will result in overall better health.

Understanding how alkaline water works

Some of the best water ionizers like the Bawell Premier produce alkaline ionized drinking water. Ionizers use the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis adds a negative ion charge to the water molecules in your tap water to give the water reductive properties. This negative electron charge on the water molecules that come out of the machine allows them to act as antioxidants by neutralizing positively charged free radicals.

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than normal water.  Advocates of of this healthy water suggest that because the majority of the foods we eat create acid wastes in our bodies, and that increasing the alkalinity of the water helps maintain an optimal health balance and increases energy.

Other uses of alkaline water

Plants: Alkaline water promotes the growth of plants. Flowers can experience longer bloom in water with high alkalinity level, and potted plants watered with alkaline water may have less dependence on pesticides. Such plants are healthier and stronger.

Pets: Animals will have fuller and shinier coats on alkaline water. Alkaline water flushes the body of toxins and helps keep the immune system of any animal strong. Pets receive many of the same benefits that we do when drinking alkaline water.

Food: Cooking with alkaline water makes food taste better. Acidic fruits and vegetables are neutralized when cooked in water with high alkalinity. Such water brings out more flavors in meats and vegetables. Alkaline water also boils faster, enabling faster cook times.

Living on an alkaline diet

Living on an alkaline diet is very easy if you are using a water ionizer.  Ionizers are simple to use, set up, and most come with service warranties. Most companies even offer money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with the machine you buy. With these offers, there is no reason not to try drinking alkaline ionized water and see if you feel the difference.

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