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Calisthenics: A Fitness Solution for Everyone From College Students to Senior Citizens

CalisthenicsIf you don’t know what calisthenics is, then continue to read on…These days, although we have access to numerous fitness tips, tricks and gimmicks promising to help keep us trim down and get in shape, we as a society are more unfit and are unhealthier than ever before. Obesity rates are off the charts, and weight-related ailments such as diabetes and heart disease are on the rise.

Since there seems to be a disconnect between these trendy fitness fads and actual effectiveness, we clearly need to change our approach to exercise. We need to get past the glitz and instant gratification and channel our energy into tried and true methods such as calisthenics, a convenient, equipment-free way to get in shape anytime, anywhere.

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is said to date back to the times of Ancient Greece. It is comprised of basic movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, planks and other movements that pit you against your own body weight and resistance. The beauty of the calisthenics workout is that it requires minimal to no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. This is especially evident when it comes to college students, who usually have erratic, atypical schedules, making it hard to stick to other regular regimens. Calisthenics gives them the freedom to move their workout from dorm room, to campus commons or even home when they are on break.

Who can do Calisthenics?

For those skeptical of the results they’ll see, it’s important to note that this is the regimen of choice for firemen, police officers and all branches of the military—people whose livelihoods depend on their all-around fitness levels. I would think if it wasn’t effective the U.S. wouldn’t trust it to keep its protectors in tip-top shape.

Beginners looking for a way to get started should check out the video below, by the Calisthenics Kingz. It highlights various exercises you can attempt, including modifications depending on your level of experience and fitness.

When should you do Calisthenics?

From jumping jacks to lunges to bulgarian squats and V-ups, calisthenics is comprised of a myriad of movements, making it easy for you to build a routine that works for you and your world. Do what works for your schedule and your body. Maybe you work out best in the morning—do it. Or maybe it is best for you to do it before the close of your day—whatever it is, you can be sure calisthenics can be morphed and modified to meet your needs and help you achieve your overall fitness goals.

Forget about wasting time and money commuting to a ritzy gym, you’ve got all you need in your own backyard. Calisthenics eliminates your ability to make excuses such as “I can’t afford to stay in shape,” “there are no good gyms in my area,” etc.

So, if you’re ready to get serious of staying in shape, steer clear of big, bulky equipment and fast-acting metabolism pills. All you need is your body, the right mindset and a little chunk of time. So stop the excuses and just move—it’s what our ancestors did.

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