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Fitness App: Here are the Top 5 for your Smart Phone

fitness appWith most people, there is always a beginning point to getting fit. Many may wonder where to start off and how to get started. One of the first things I generally recommend is to take initial measurements of crucial points around your body, as well as your weight. It is important that you weigh yourself weekly and at the same exact time, each week (i.e at 10:00am for example every week).

After taking those initial steps, a great way to help reach your fitness goals is to use apps on your cell phone. I’m not saying this is my number one recommendation, but for techies, fitness apps will give you the motivation you need. Below is a list of some of top fitness apps.

1 – Good Food Near You

This is a great fitness app if you travel a lot or are new to an area. It allows you to find restaurants, fast food or grocery stores nearby. The app gives you a list of food at each restaurant along with the calories, carbs, fats and more of all the foods or meals within a restaurant. The app is based upon your location so you can sort it by “closest” and simply follow the map.

2 – Lose It

This fitness app helps you track your calories and activities on your smart phone. It uses your weight to help you reach your goal and it calculates how many calories you can consume each day while reaching your goals. If you add the type of exercise and the amount of time, along with intensity of the exercise, it will tell you how many calories you’ve burned. This fitness app also allows you to put in the foods that you have consumed, gives you brand name foods, and even scans bar-codes. That makes it easy to keep track of calories consumed as well as your exercise routines.

3 – Fast Food Counter

The Fast Food Counter fitness app will give you nearly the nutritional information for every national chain fast food restaurant. It includes the amount of calories for different servings and sizes, as well as other nutritional facts. It includes foods from Panera Bread, Panda Express, and Long John Silver’s. It also includes the typical McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-fil-a, etc.

4 – Gym Goal ABC

This fitness app has over 280 exercises and 50+ workout plans that are customizable based upon you’re level of fitness. One of the coolest things about it is the body map function, which lets you target which areas of your body you would like to work out. Based upon which body part you choose, you get a list of exercises.

5 – Zombies Run

Last but not least is the Zombie’s Run app. This app for all those who are tired of training for the apocalypse without being able to track their progress. I’m not too big on the whole “zombie” thing, but even I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. It’s a story with missions and objectives based on how you run. It changes based upon your speed or distance. They have a beginners version, as well as an epic adventure version which is $7.99, check it out.

About the Author: Frank Conley is a freelance writer who likes to keep in shape with the help of technology and writes for ADT Home Security.

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