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High Fiber Food: Here are the Best Snacks to Keep you Fuller Longer

high fiber foodAre you looking for a way to lose a couple of pounds without going overboard on dieting? In other words, would you still like to eat as consistently as you have been, but you want to alter the kinds of foods that you eat so that you are making wiser choices?

One way that you can do that is to incorporate more high fiber food in your daily diet. Not only does it help to keep you regular by assisting in flushing toxins out of your body, but there are also certain kinds of foods that will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time after you eat them.

We’ve enclosed five of our favorites high fiber food below:

High Fiber Food 1: Orange juice

When people think of high fiber food, an orange is probably not the first (or even fifth) thing that comes to mind. However, it actually is a fruit that can give you a great supply of fiber. Plus, drinking tends to make you feel fuller so if you want to take a break from water from time-to-time, this would be a nice alternative.

High Fiber Food 2: Brown rice

Rice is a good addition to just about any meal. As a matter of fact, in many countries it is a staple for them. If you’re going to make some rice to go along with your steamed vegetables or grilled chicken, make sure to opt for the brown over the white. It has four grams of fiber in it, while white rice contains only one.

High Fiber Food 3: Almonds

If you do some research on dieting, there will be some nutritionists and trainers who will say that you shouldn’t snack in between meals, while others will recommend it because it will help to keep your metabolism going. Whatever it is that you decide to do, if there’s one thing that all of them will agree on, it’s that eating nuts is far better for you than eating candy. It’s definitely a way to curb your craving in between big meals and almonds, especially, are loaded with fiber.

High Fiber Food 4: Sweet potatoes

Whether it’s a baked sweet potato or a serving of mashed sweet potatoes, this is one of the absolute best kinds of food that you could eat. That’s because a sweet potato is considered to be a “perfect food” in the sense that basically any nutrient that your body would need, it has a good amount of it in there for you. As far as choosing it over a white potato, as it relates to fiber intake, it has about a gram more than the white one does.

High Fiber Food 5: Hummus

If you’ve read even one article about high fiber food, then you probably have seen greens on the list; it should be because virtually all green vegetables are high in fiber. But we decided to provide you with something that’s a little less common. Hummus is something that goes great as a spread on (whole grain) bread or a dip for (baked) chips that can be a good substitute for sour cream-based dips. The texture may take a bit of getting used to, but overall, it’s pretty tasty and it has a gram of fiber in it. Sour cream? It has none. Happy (hummus) dipping!

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