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Les Mills COMBAT Brings Mixed Martial Arts To Your Living Room

Les Mills COMBATMixed martial arts is not a term most beginning exercisers are familiar with. Beachbody LLC and Les Mills International are hoping to change that with the introduction of their second in home DVD workout collaboration called Les Mills COMBAT. This brand new program got its start in classes called Les Mills BODYCOMBAT. Let’s learn a little more about these classes and the in home version this article’s all about.

Overview of Les Mills COMBAT

Les Mills COMBAT is a new home fitness DVD training program. It’s based on the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT classes mentioned above – these are real classes made up of anywhere from 20 to 50 people. The classes are held in over 15,500 gyms across 75 countries worldwide. The popularity of this class numbers well into the millions. In fact latest estimates put it around 3 million people who are attending each and every week.

Now you have a better idea how popular the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT class is, the program Beachbody’s in home workout is based on, and the obvious results people get each week. The next question being asked is: what are the fundamentals of the new workout and how does it differ from Les Mills PUMP – Beachbody LLC’s and Les Mills International’s first program together?

Mixed Martial Arts – The Backbone of Les Mills COMBAT

Mixed martial arts also referred to as MMA is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mixture of several different, in this case 6 different kinds, of martial arts genres. The 6 types utilized in Les Mills COMBAT and BODYCOMBAT classes are: karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu jitsu. The program takes moves from a blend of these styles and arranges them into explosives, intense sequences.

Les Mills COMBAT differs from the first program launched by these two companies called Les Mills PUMP in just about every way possible. They’re both based on a 60 day workout regimen, and you’ll find in COMBAT two trainers leading the way that were also present in PUMP (Dan & Rachael). Like anything that Les Mills touches there’s going to be really GOOD, really well known “Pop” music behind each exercise you do. The same holds true with COMBAT. But that’s about it for similarities between the two.

 Les Mills COMBAT is not barbell based; there is no equipment necessary to use it. Les Mills PUMP on the other hand requires weights, a barbell, a bench and a few other minor things to get the full range of benefits from the program. Mixed martial arts simply require your body weight and maybe some kickboxing gloves if you choose to wear them.

Les Mills COMBAT Beachbody DVD Workout Comes With:

The COMBAT in home workout is available as 3 different kits. The base kit which is probably going to meet the majority of people’s needs comes with 5 DVDs that have 7 workouts on them. These DVDs range in intensity. The first DVD entitled “Basics” is 30 minutes long and walks you through all of the major forms of martial arts moves you’ll likely see the most in the program. The SHOCK PLYO HIT 2 DVD is a 30 minute workout but considered to be the most intense in the series since it keeps you at maximum heart rate the entire time. There are also several 45 minute to one hour long workouts. In addition to the DVDs the base kit comes with a nutrition guide that shows you how to eat for 60 days while engaging in this form of exercise, a 60 day calendar to track your progress and tell you what DVD to use next, and an exercise guide that uses pictures and text to you through the most complex moves.

Aside from the base kit the program is offered in a Deluxe version that includes everything mentioned above plus a set of kickboxing gloves, and the Ultimate version that has everything the Deluxe version has plus 3 advanced DVDs.

The Ideal Les Mills COMBAT Candidate

Who is ideal for a particular workout program is always subjective.  Nobody knows you better than yourself. You know what you can handle, not handle, like, dislike etc.  But there are a couple of general ways to easily determine if COMBAT is right for you.

If you find that higher impact workouts are out of the question because you have bad knees, hips, ankles, or joints you might want to pass. Les Mills COMBAT is not an extreme workout, but it’s certainly not low impact. You will be doing some plyometric workout, jumps, and moves that impact your joints. If you don’t like the idea of martial arts or throwing kicks, punches, and blocks for extended periods of time, this might not be for you. But if you do like the idea of martial arts training, and getting a challenging workout, check it out. Also, because it doesn’t require vast amounts of equipment it’s easy to take with you on the go. So if you travel a lot, stay in hotels, or have limited space, it’s the perfect program.

If Les Mills COMBAT is anything like the live classes taught around the world, it should easily appeal to the vast majority of people. And if the results are anything like what millions of people get each week from BODYCOMBAT, Beachbody LLC and Les Mills INTL. will have another winner for time to come.

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