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List of Smartphone Health Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

Smartphone Health AppsWith loads of work and household pressures, most of us do not get time to go to the gym and work out regularly. This has taken a toll on the lives of most people, and many of us are suffering from lifestyle related problems, and obesity. To enable you to exercise to keep fit, and work your way out towards a healthy lifestyle, the Smartphones come with many health apps, which will help you to lead a healthy life, and stay fit for years to come. If your life is incomplete without carrying your iPhone along with you, then your favorite gadget can also turn into your private personal trainer, anywhere and anytime of the day.

Health apps to help you eat better

If you had taken a New Year resolution to maintain a healthy diet, and stay fit, then these health apps are good for you to eat healthy. Most of the apps are free or inexpensive. Health apps like Tap & Track, Google Goggles, Seafood Watch, and other such apps help you with eating better, and eating right, as this is the most effective manner of losing weight. These health apps calculate the amount of calories that you are consuming daily, and how much calories you have to burn to achieve your ideal weight. Some of these apps even have the option for you to snap a picture of the food, and get to know its nutritional facts such as the amount of calories it has, etc.

Health apps to help you exercise better

There are certain health apps available on smartphones that allow you to exercise the proper way, so that you can lose maximum weight. You do not have to consult a personal trainer to know what and how much is good for you. The apps keep a record of your height, weight, age, and sex, and then forecast the ideal weight for you, and how much calorie you need to burn to attain that ideal weight. There are health apps such as Map My Fitness, RunKeeper, etc. that use the GPS on your mobile to keep track of how many miles you walk/run daily, with the corresponding calories burnt in the process. They also store the track in which you ran for further reference. These specific apps also enable the runner to listen to music while exercising.

Health apps to enable you to sleep better

The normal alarm clock wakes you up at a preset time, regardless of whether you are sleeping soundly at that time or are in light sleep. There is an iPhone health app known as the Sleep Cycle, to assist you in waking up when you are at your lightest sleep mode. This will see to it that you wake up every day feeling fresh.

Health apps to lose weight

There are certain health apps like Lose It, etc. that help you lose weight gradually over a period of time, by following their simple diet and exercise regimens. These apps have proven weight loss programs. You can also share your fitness secrets, and also see the weight loss programs of your friends.

So, these are some of the health apps that are available to you and hat can help you lead a healthy lifestyle, and stay in shape even at home.

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