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Organic Whey Protein: Weigh-in On its Health Benefits for Your Waistline

organic whey proteinIf you imagine a high-protein diet as part of the lifestyle habits of a 300 pound weightlifter or wrestler, then you would be very mistaken. High-protein diets aren’t just for athletes and those looking to help build their muscles, though it does indeed help with muscle and bone health; it’s also been proven to help those looking to shed a few pounds.

Never heard that protein can be a good part of your weight loss plan? It might seem odd, particularly if you’ve been sticking to a diet similar to that of a rabbit to keep the pounds off. If you find that eating nothing but leafy greens is not only an unsatisfying meal plan, but also showing little to no change to your waistline, then the right kind of proteins just might do the trick.

It is highly misunderstood that organic whey protein (or any form of protein) is solely used for bulking up. While it is still true that a diet loaded with red meats isn’t the healthiest choice, there’s something to be said about the benefits of a high-protein diet.  The most obvious effect of protein packed meals is that you’ll feel full a lot faster. In comparison, consuming a large salad with dressing and a number of toppings instead of a homemade protein shake will probably leave you hungry in a couple hours. And, don’t let that salad deceive you. It might hide under the guise of “healthy”, but it will probably have a higher sugar and fat content than any organic whey protein product if you like to “bulk up” your salads.

Weight Loss and Organic Whey Protein

Not only will organic whey protein leave you fuller for longer, but also contribute to leaner muscle production and burning away that unwanted fat. Soy protein can’t really compare, despite the hype around it and, if you’re really looking for something more natural in your diet, organic whey protein is the way to go. You’ll find that organic whey has fewer chemicals (of course) and that it works well as a fuel source for your body.

According to Life Extension (, whey protein has “excellent solubility” in comparison to whole-milk protein and can quickly be used as fuel for your body. In comparison to diets high in sugars and fats, which can be consumed to be used as fuel for our bodies as well, organic whey protein can provide better results and won’t add fat to your thighs and result in an energy crash. Don’t be afraid of the muscle benefits of organic whey either, because concluded that whey promotes lean body mass. Fat doesn’t just lay on the surface of our muscles as extra padding. Lean body mass means less fat in the muscles so that they’re more compact. Leaner muscles can also mean burning fat is a whole lot easier to do.

Natural Health Food, More Satisfying Meals

So, instead of stepping on your scale every day and munching on leafy greens for every meal, consider a different approach. You don’t have to abolish all flavors from your meal plans just to lose that extra fat. Many times, that leads to binge eating or just leaves you hungry at the end of the day. Much like putting the right fuel in your car, your body works more efficiently on the right kind of fuel as well.  More efficient means your body is less likely to hold onto unnecessary things like extra fat.

Don’t be so worried about your weight either. Fat is lighter than muscle, so if you’re waistline is shrinking but the weight is still there — perhaps even higher after exercising long enough — it means you’re muscles are benefiting from your protein rich diet. Healthy, lean muscles that can work off the fat for you even when you’re not heavily exercising can mean a healthier, happier you overall — don’t let that scale tell you otherwise. So don’t be afraid to use your organic whey protein