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Physical Therapy for Hip Fracture Patients at Home

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Hip fracture is a rampant and a life-threatening illness that often affects aging people.  The number of hip fracture incidents increases annually.  In most cases, incurring a fracture in the hip bone brings life- changing problems and health complications that interfere with the patient’s normal activities.

What Causes Hip Fractures?

Injury to the hip bone is the main cause of hip fracture.  The injury commonly occurs after losing balance and then falling to the ground.  This sudden shift of height causes the hip to break, thus causing the fall.  One of the most common causes of fall is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the weakening and thinning of the bones which makes a person more susceptible to fall injuries.

Advantages of Home Care Physical Therapy

Most patients who were hospitalized due to hip fractures often face difficulties during recovery.  Doing normal daily tasks like walking, taking a bath, and the like is hard to manage alone.  Assistance from another person is greatly needed to accomplish these tasks.

Hip fracture patients who were brought home after hospitalization and undergo physical therapy have better recovery than those who don’t.  Studies also show that there are lesser deaths among patients who receive home care physical therapy after hospitalization.

Exercises for Home Care Physical Therapy

Home care PT includes series of motion exercises and functional training activities.  The following should be done with the help of a licensed physical therapist but you can also do them on your own providing you have someone to assist you.

Stretching and Breathing

These include exercises like hip flexor movements, movement away from the elastic exercise bands, step-up movement on stairs.  These physical activities help build up the stability of muscles in the hip.  The difficulty of these exercises indicates your progress in the recovery cycle.

Getting in and out of Bed

This is one important and very basic function at home that you should familiarize to help your body do normal home activities.  Series of activities include raising your body from bed, raising yourself and walking 5 feet, and walking 5 feet and returning to bed.

Getting in and out of the Shower

This is another necessary function you must practice to enable your body to do normal home activities again.  These include activities very similar to that of getting in and out of bed, but more movement are required to force you from raising your leg and flex your hip.  These activities should be done only when you don’t need a walker anymore to enable yourself to walk properly.

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