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Teeth and Gums: Did you Know They Say a Lot about Your Health? Find out More

Teeth and GumsWho wants to go through life without their teeth and gums? This means that we have to do all that we can to keep them in good shape. That means that we need to brush and floss on a daily basis, eat foods that have plenty of vitamins and minerals (especially calcium) in them and that we also need to see our dentist at least on an annual (if not bi-annual) basis.

Sometimes, even when we do follow through with all of these steps, we may notice a few irregularities with our teeth and gums, that could be an indication of a deeper health issue. This article will explore five warning signs that can come from your mouth. If you notice any of them, make sure to schedule an appointment either with your dentist or your doctor for further review.

Pale gums

Teeth and gums reveal as much as fingernails. Whenever our fingernails or gums do not have a rosy pink color to them, it could be a sign that we are (borderline) anemic. That’s because what we’re actually seeing is the blood circulating throughout our bodies. If you suddenly notice that your gum has a pale coloring to it, or the texture of your tongue is smooth and swollen, this would be a good time to see your physician.

Gum disease

Healthy teeth and gums are easily noticeable, and so is the opposite. For example, gums that are bleeding, swollen or receding are all symptoms of gum disease. On one hand, it could be the result of poor dental care. On the other, it might be a warning that you are entering into a stage of Rheumatoid arthritis because that is a form of an autoimmune disease and when individuals are battling with having one, it can make it much harder to fight off infections; ones like gum disease.


Candida is a form of yeast that grows within the body. When there is an overgrowth of it and it can’t be maintained (meaning, you end up having things like yeast infections several times per year), this is also a sign that your immune system may not be working correctly. Thrush is basically a growth of yeast within your mouth. If you start to notice recurrent white lesions (whether they’re painful or not) on your tongue and/or the inside of your cheeks, it might be an early indication of diabetics or HIV. Don’t panic, but do go get checked between your teeth and gums are further affected.

Tooth loss

It’s one thing to go to the dentist for wisdom tooth removal. It’s another matter entirely to go because your teeth have been falling out all on their own. This could be a result of neglecting your teeth (for quite some time), but it may also be due to osteoporosis. There are also studies that link tooth loss to kidney disease. The loss of one tooth is enough of a reason to be concerned.

Bacterial infections

Oftentimes, unless you mention it, your doctor is not going to check your teeth and gums. But, if you are diagnosed with having a bacterial infection and it returns within several weeks, you might want to set up an appointment with your dentist to have a bit of a look around your mouth. Sometimes, there can be pockets of infectious fluid underneath the teeth or the jaw line that can start to affect the entire body. If it continues, it could lead to a root canal or even a more serious form of oral surgery, so be sure to keep this in consideration.

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