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Top 10 Most Interesting Marathons

zombie runRunning is excellent exercise, but getting motivated to run can be difficult, especially when you are running in a straight line all the time. Even all the best gear for running can leave you bored. Instead of sticking to those straight lines or giving up, you should try one of these 10 interesting running events.

1. Run for Your Lives! 5K Zombie Run

Instead of running a standard 5K marathon through city streets, try your hand at running 5K without being eaten by zombies. At the start of the race, you are given a health belt with flags. Throughout the race, you will encounter obstacles during which zombies will attempt to grab your flags. Avoid the undead at all costs lest you have a secret desire to join their ranks.

2. Virgin London Marathon

There may not be anything chasing you, but running a marathon in the historical and famous city of London is worth the cost of traveling abroad. You may not be that into running down city streets, but when you run by sites like Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, what more could you really ask for?

3. The Color Run

If zombies aren’t your thing, maybe a 5K race full of color is. The Color Run requires you to come dressed in a pristine white t-shirt and every kilometer has a specific colored powder that you run through. By the time you reach the finish line, you’ll bear some resemblance to a survivor of a paintball fight — or Jackson Pollock painting.

4. Tough Mudder

If you’re looking for a truly tough and challenging run, the Tough Mudder is your solution. Designed by British Special Forces, Tough Mudder races are between 10 and 12 miles and are designed to test your strength, stamina, mental strength and camaraderie.

5. The Great Wall Marathon

With more than 5,000 steps, runners are pushed to their limits when running the Great Wall Marathon. You might be distracted from all the steps by the fact you’ll be running on one of the most significant pieces of history in the world.

6. Beat Beethoven 5K Run for the Arts

A race for the arts, every runner competes against an unusual clock in this event: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, a musical piece timed at 32 minutes. The profits of the race go to support the Pleasant Grove Library in Utah. Preserving libraries is great, but the real fun is trying to complete the 5K in under 32 minutes.

7. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler

What kid hasn’t always dreamed of seeing Disney World late at night? This race gives you a chance to run through the park at night, during which participants get to see one-of-a-kind Disney entertainment.

8. Athens Classic Marathon

If you are looking for a unique running spot, why not travel to the place where competitive sports began? With a 5K and 10K option, runners are sure to find the course that fits their style and preference with the Athens Classic Marathon.

9. NYC Pizza Run

In this 5K, you have to stop and eat three slices of pizza during the course of a 2.25-mile race. Pizza is normally a crowd favorite, but isn’t ideal for folks who might prefer to nap or watch a movie after consuming the tasty treat.

10. The Doughnut Run

Most everyone enjoys a good doughnut, but can you say the same while running? The Doughnut Run not only allows you to eat doughnuts, but also offers you rewards for doing so. In fact, the more you eat, the better your time will be.

No matter where you choose to travel or what event you end up participating in, you’re sure to find some amazing races that will challenge and entertain you along the way!

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