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5 Cancer Fighting Foods You Need to Know About

Cancer fighting foodsAccording to Cancer.org’s 2012 statistics, there have already been more than half a million Americans who have died due to some form of cancer and over 1,600,000 new cancer cases that have been diagnosed. Therefore, when it comes to finding ways to fight cancer, it would made perfect sense why that would be a priority for you. After all, most of us have someone in our lives who we really care about who has battled with the disease.

Aside from working out and going to the doctor on a consistent basis (especially when it’s time for scheduled mammograms and prostate tests), another thing that you can do to help to prevent cancer is to eat certain kinds of foods. That’s right. Your diet also plays a significant role in keeping yourself from receiving a cancer diagnosis.
So what are some good things to implement into your diet? We have five that should definitely go on to your next grocery list:


Garlic is not just a tasty seasoning. It’s also a food that many in the medical profession hail as being an enemy of several forms of cancer that develop within the digestive organs of the body including the stomach and colon. It is believed that substances within garlic help to hinder cancer cells from working and perhaps even multiplying.

Green tea

Due to the extremely high amounts of antibodies found within it, green tea is considered to be a “cure all” for many ailments and diseases, including cancer. There have been various lab studies conducted to support the fact that the catechins in the tea actually help to shrink malignant tumors and reduce their cell growth.

Whole grains

One kind of food that is continuing to gain momentum when it comes to the many benefits that come from it would have to be foods like breads, cereals and pastas that are made from whole grains. The fiber and antioxidants that are found in them provide a powerful combo to help prevent cancer in individuals.


When someone is looking at nursing school rankings in order to pick out the one that’s right for them, they may snack on something like berries or even grapes to help pass the time. Berries are high in antioxidants, so they’re a healthy thing to eat (and also a good way to help keep cancer at bay). However, grapes are really good because they have an antioxidant in them known as resveratrol. Resveratrol has been believed to be a substance that works to keep cancer from spreading and in some cases, even starting to begin with.


If you’re fond of curry dishes, then you probably already know about the seasoning known as turmeric. What you might not be aware of is that it also can be an aid in fighting against cancer. That’s because according to various laboratory tests, the curcumin that is in it has been directly linked to slowing the spread of cancer and also shrinking tumors of certain animals. It’s an easy seasoning to find in your local grocery store and it doesn’t cost much to buy. So, the next time you make some curry chicken or rice, just think about how it’s not just appeasing your taste buds, but helping your body too!

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