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Can African Mango Help with Weight Loss?

african mangoAfrican mango has recently been brought to light by many health and fitness experts. If you ask around at any health store, most clerks will ask you what that is as they have never heard of it. African mango is the latest advance in dieting to speed up weight loss. Along with raspberry ketone, Dr OZ has recently claimed incredible natural weight loss effects from the African mango.

What is the African mango?

African mango is a mango-like fruit, valued for its content of fat, protein and vitamin rich nuts. It grows only in Cameroon (Africa), and has been used there for a long time as a food and health supplement. Only recently have people in North America started to use it. Its scientific name is Irvingia gabonensis and the common name varies from African mango to African bush mango or wild mango. The fruit is very fibrous, the nuts are slightly aromatic and typically dried so that they stay well-preserved. They are known to be ground into a paste and used for baking bread or used as chocolate, in a treat called Gabon chocolate. The nuts are also pressed for vegetable oil which enables them to be used for thickening agents for some dishes like ogbono soup. Aside from the health properties the tree is even used for wood in construction. See the full story here

If you do a search for African mango you will not find much information on it either. You will however find technical studies that show it has resulted in greater weight loss and improved cholesterol levels in obese people. Significant reductions in waist size were discovered. The only trade-off of the African mango is that it may result in an overall loss of weight, not only fat but some muscle as well. More studies will have to be done to reach a final conclusion but if you’re looking for that extra kick to beat a plateau, the African mango could be the right solution.

Combine this powerful natural supplement with your diet and home workout routine, you should see great results. Unless you have an iherb coupon code that can save you on brand vitamins and supplements, you should seriously consider the African mango. People taking African mango, talk about how they experience a boost in energy, and less fatigue. The best part is that all of this comes without ingesting anything toxic or possibly harmful which many of us are worried about now in today’s health supplements.

Despite the great health benefits of African mango, it is not a get thin quick scheme. You will first need to solve other unhealthy eating habits and keep in mind it will not replace exercise.

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