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America’s 5 Healthiest Cities to Live in

healthiest citiesSometimes, change can be good. It could be something as minor as changing into a new pair of jeans or lipstick. Or, it could be something more drastic like changing jobs or even cities.

If you’re thinking about relocating to another place, while you have probably already taken things like the economy, real estate, culture and crime rate into account, have you ever thought about looking for cities that are considered the healthiest? You know, the places that are celebrated for being proactive when it comes to exhibiting a health-conscious way of life?

If not, we have included five of the healthiest cities to live in, within the United States. Perhaps you should add them onto your “sights to see” list before making a final relocation decision:

Healthiest Cities. City #1: Denver, Colorado

Aside from the fact that Denver is one of the absolutely most breathtaking cities in the country, it also has some of the best air quality within the United States as well. This, along with its majestic mountains and greenery, is a big part of the reason why it’s considered to be a favorite tourist spot for lovers of the outdoors. In Denver, you can ski, mountain-climb and go water rafting. It also has a fun nightlife for singles and plenty of culture (including 33 museums and 39 libraries) for families.

Healthiest Cities. City #2: Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina is a state, as a whole, that many people enjoy. Charlotte provides a lot of growth and opportunities for minorities, Raleigh has a low crime rate and five universities and then there’s Asheville. As a mountain town where a lot of artists and professionals dwell together in one place, there are plenty of herbal shops, yoga studios, and health food stores there. Plus, just about anywhere in North Carolina is just a few hours’ drive to a beach.

Healthiest Cities. City #3: St. Paul, Minneapolis

No matter which of the city guides that you look through, when it comes to healthiest cities withing the U.S., you’re sure to see St. Paul listed in it. It’s one of the places in the country where you will see the most bike riding to work, dog parks and playgrounds and also organic farmer’s markets. It’s also very community-oriented, where the cost of living is comparable and the crime rate is fairly low.

Healthiest Cities. City #4: Washington, D.C.

Does it surprise you that the nation’s capital actually made it onto the list? Aside from its five pro-sports teams, 17 colleges and a whopping 108 museums, it’s also a city where its residents actually eat a higher percentage of fruits and vegetables than most. Plus, with all of the trails and closed roads that it provides, people are able to safely participate in outdoor cardio even in the midst of it being such a heavy-populated city.

Healthiest Cities. City #5: Portland, Oregon

Another city that is loved for its unbelievable air quality (and placed as the number 5 healthiest cities) is Portland. That’s not all that it has to be proud of, though. It is actually a city that has more acres of parkland than anywhere else per capita. This provides plenty of places to go fishing, camping and hiking. It also has a really strong creative and music scene and plenty of bars (313) and restaurants (2, 084) to keep you entertained. The best of all worlds, indeed!

Final Considerations

Moving to a different state or country is a big decision; not only from a financial angle, but also a health standpoint. Whether you select a new home in Monaco (through Icon Property Estate Agency), or you decide to move your entire family to one of these cities listed above, strongly consider the air quality, crime rate, ranges of outdoor activities, etc (among other things). Your health matters when making these types of decisions. Good luck!

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