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Discover How to be Happy in 6 Weeks

6 weeks to happinessThe Power of the Mind

Your mind is a powerful thing. Everything you think about, whether good or bad, affects your mind and changes your life. You may not realize what changes are occurring as you keep thinking and thinking and thinking about all your worries and stressors. But, unconscious thoughts are affecting your body whether you realize it or not. These changes can cause stress, illness, and even physical pain. For those who want to make a change in their thoughts and feelings, you must first acknowledge the power of your mind.

How to Be Happy

For those who always think the worst or are riddled with painful memories and negative thoughts, the first step is to just let them pass you by. This is not easy and takes a conscious effort, but, mindfulness around plucking negative and distressing thoughts out of your daily routine is key.

Prevention of the negative thoughts gets you in the correct mindset. Start and end your day thinking of 3 to 5 happy and positive experiences that you’ve had and reinforce them with your body posture and even start smiling! It has been proven that there is a lasting effect on happiness, so, make it a point to be happy more often.

6 Weeks to Happiness

  • Get out your calendar and mark the date you start this 6 week task. Get out a notebook and have a pen handy.
  • Every morning, spend 5 minutes thinking of three happy thoughts and write them down.
  • Every night, spend 5 minutes savoring three good things that happened to you during the day, and write them down.
  • Review the previous day’s notes for more happiness thoughts!
  • If time allows, go into detail about why these thoughts were so enjoyable.

At the end of 6 weeks, review all entries in the notebook. Did you notice a trend or pattern of happy moments? Gratitude towards for the good moments in your life, no matter how small they are, helps you feel happier about your life overall. And, the best thing is that happiness perpetuates more happiness!

You can actually continue this practice after the 6 weeks have passed and make it a daily routine. Get even deeper and start paying attention happy moments, throughout the day, AS THEY HAPPEN, and see if your happiness increases even more and spreads to family and co-workers.

Let us know below how you did.

About the Author: Sheila HenrySheila Henry is a San Diego Marriage and Family Therapist leading expert on helping individuals achieve greater happiness in their lives. She has worked in the field of psychology with a private practice of over 25 years. During this time she has enabled clients to clarify their goals, overcome limiting beliefs that might impede their progress and then to plan and activate an action course to achieve their goals. Sheila sees the potential in each of her clients and endeavors to help them reach that point. Learn more about Sheila and how she can help you Create More Happiness .

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