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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Review of the White Cloud Cigarettes

disposable electronic cigarettesI’ve mentioned it several times on this blog: cigarettes are bad for your health and shorten your life expectancy. As a result, the sooner you quit smoking, the better you could claim your health back. Unfortunately, quitting smoking is easier said than done. If you have a hard time giving up your habit of puffing on something, disposable electronic cigarettes (specifically White Cloud Cigarettes), could be a safer option for you.

What are White Cloud Cigarettes?

White Cloud Cigarettes offers disposable electronic cigarettes called the Fling. The disposable E cigarette is fast becoming a replacement for smokers because of its acceptance in nonsmoking environments. Tobacco smokers are not able to light-up in public places anymore, both indoors and outdoors in many areas. With disposable electronic cigarettes, the smoker is not subjecting people around them to second-hand smoke. The Fling only dispenses a vapor to the smoker or others in close proximity to the smoker. The availability of smoking areas is decreasing each and every day that passes. Many laws are being enacted that are taking away all rights for smokers, for good reason. White Cloud Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are offering smokers the opportunity to not give up their enjoyment of smoking and receiving the nicotine that they desire.

Features of White Cloud Cigarettes

There are many different flavors and strengths of disposable electronic cigarettes that are offered by White Cloud Cigarettes. The long-lasting battery life is what sets White Cloud’s Fling E Cigarettes above the rest. The Fling makes it so easy to switch to disposable electronic cigarettes because when it is empty, the smoker just throws it away and gets a new one. Because the Fling has such a longer battery life, it saves the smoker money. White Cloud Cigarettes offers an outstanding money-back guarantee for any smoker that is not pleased with the purchase of the Cirrus line of rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

How much do White Cloud Cigarettes cost

White Cloud Cigarettes provides substantial cost-savings with their wholesale disposable electronic cigarettes. With the increasing prices of tobacco cigarettes, Wholesale disposable electronic cigarettes are offered at a fraction of the cost. The cost-savings increases with higher volume purchases of the Fling. However, the true savings are realized when purchasing a 10-pack kit and even more with the 100-pack. Competitors like sparks-ecigs products can’t compare or compete with White Cloud Disposable E Cigarettes. The customer service provided by White Cloud Cigarettes is first-class and the company prides itself on total customer satisfaction. The customer representatives are available to answer any and all questions about the Fling disposable electronic cigarette..

Are White Cloud Cigarettes healthy?

White Cloud Cigarettes does not declare that disposable E cigarettes are healthier for smokers, but many smokers are claiming just that. Many smokers are also informing White Cloud Cigarettes that the e cigarettes have reduced any cravings for real tobacco products. A smoker can enjoy the freedom and ease of smoking the White Cloud disposable electronic cigarettes at his or her choice location.

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