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Great Tasting Antioxidants From Rainforest Honey

rainforest honeyFrom Koo-poo-ah-soo to Quinoa there are many super-foods that have heralded from the rainforests of the world. Rainforest honey may not sound as exotic but its benefits are certainly on a par with some of the more outlandishly named fruits and foods to have come from the Amazon and other thickly treed rainforests of the world. The honey can be eaten or it can be used as a face mask which is said to be twice as good as normal moisturizers when it comes to getting rid of stretch marks.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are an ever present within the body, caused as a by-product of eating. They can prove harmful especially if they are found in too large a number. Unfortunately, the problem is further exacerbated by outside sources such as sun and pollution while lifestyle choices such as smoking can also cause a build up of free radicals in the body.

Free Radical Damage

Free radicals cause damage to the inside of your body. They essentially attempt to destroy cells and other natural and essential components of the body. Even a single, free radical can destroy protein molecules or a strand of DNA. In fact, they can kill or severely damage just about any cell in the body and they can lead to causes of cancer and stroke and will have a major hand in the signs of aging that a person endures.

The Role Of Anti-Oxidants

These free radicals are produced readily within the body. Even if you quit smoking and drinking, eat healthy, and exercise is a pollution free environment you will still be producing some free radicals. In this instance, your body should be able to take enough antioxidants from food and other natural sources to fight and defeat the free radicals and help prevent the potential problems that they cause but this isn’t the case for everybody.

The Importance Of Anti-Oxidants

It is anti-oxidants that fight the free radicals in our body and this makes them an essential part of our everyday diet. While they are found, to some degree, in many different food types, there are certain products that are known to have a particularly high concentration of these anti-oxidants in order to help the body stave off the potential problems that they cause.

Rainforest Honey

Antioxidants can certainly help slow the signs of aging and have been shown to reverse them too. Wrinkles, stretch marks, and old looking skin can be reversed by supplementing or adding a greater concentration of anti-oxidants to the body. Rainforest honey is extremely high in anti-oxidants and is easy to add to your daily diet or health regimen.

The Benefits

The rainforest honey tastes great and is naturally sweet. It can be eaten like any other form of honey so can be added to toast, yogurt, cereal, or you can simply eat a teaspoon of the honey every day. Alternatively, you can use it to sweeten cooking and baking so that your food tastes great while offering you the additional health benefits and beauty treatment benefits that antioxidant rich honey like this has to offer. This isn’t the only way that rainforest honey can be used to your benefit though.

Other Rainforest Honey Uses

A honey face-pack may sound like a sticky solution to the aging process but it has proven to be highly effective. In fact, when fighting stretch marks, rainforest honey has been shown to be twice as effective as moisturizers in aiding the skin. Rainforest honey can help prevent strokes and heart complaints, stroke, and wrinkles and the signs of aging making it an extremely powerful addition to your pantry.

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