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Hospital Protection Systems and Patient Wandering Protection

hospital patient wanderingThe concern about patient wandering protection is not unusual and it is a serious concern, indeed. At the hospital, some patients may become excessively inpatient and start leaving their rooms, especially at the nocturnal period. Staff can intercept them and prevent patient wandering; however it is not possible to keep tight surveillance on all the rooms and on all the patients.

Consequences of Patient Wandering

Hospital patient wandering can cause adverse consequences. Imagine that a patient has a predisposition to have a violent behavior; that patient can easily put other patients, doctors and staff in danger (even physical danger is an option); additionally, the patient can hurt himself. Let’s take a look at another example. Now, imagine a patient that needs to take the medicines at night but he starts wandering all over the hospital and he does not take his medicines; serious problems can be generated because of that apparently inoffensive wondering. A hospital has to be a healthy place, a secure place, a place where all the patients can be treated effectively and protection against patient wandering is definitely a good way to help with that, it is a good way to keep close surveillance on the most sensible patients and keep them safe.

Nowadays, patient wandering hospital protection systems are so advanced that they are capable of locating a patient anytime and anyplace he might be. Let’s find out how it works and what some of its functions are.

Functions of a Patient Wandering Protection System

1)     First, the patient wandering protection system has a considerable amount of options that can be set up to achieve a better protection system depending on the real needs of the hospital. It can protect an entire department or it can be set up to protect only a couple of rooms (those rooms where high-risk wandering-patients are accommodated).

2)     These patient wandering protection systems can easily locate a patient; anytime patients can be located (real-time location); this feature is extremely important and it can be even more important if used on patients who are considered patients of high risk. This location feature is very simple to use, the equipment is practical, tiny and it works wireless (not to mention it is extremely resistant to cuts and unauthorized removal). In just a few seconds, a patient can be immediately located.

3)     An emergency measure is also available; by using it members of the hospital staff can call security or doctors if they encounter a violent patient. This is an extra measure to protect both staff and patients.

Sometimes, patients at the hospital can become very impatient and they want to leave the hospital before the doctor authorizes it, but they want to leave anyway. However, they can’t do that because they are still being treated; especially older patients tend to get out of their rooms to wander all over the hospital and some (those suffering from neurological illnesses) can even get lost and forget the way back to their room, this is only some of the various examples of serious situations that can be avoided with the right patient wandering protection system.

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