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How Climate Relates to Your Health: Let’s Talk

Global WarmingWhat do you generally understand from the word “climate”? It is a comprehensive description of the weather of a place. It includes things like atmospheric temperature, pressure, wind and other meteorological studies of a particular area over a long period of time. Weather means a short description of the present climatic condition of a place. Changes in climate bear the impression first on your health. Seasonal Flu and other diseases are the instances of influence of climate. Let’s see some of the changes of climate and their effects on our health.

Global warming- cause of severe health hazards

Global warming is the first and foremost concern of degradation of climate. Various types of pollution, which take place due to emission from vehicles, factories and construction sites increase atmospheric heat causing global warming. Global warming causes severe health hazards. It is because heat is the elementary thing in climate and fluctuations in heat or temperature bring types of diseases. As you see, now-a-days, during summer the heat rises abnormally and during rainy season, there is unbearable humidity; these climatic reverses are the reasons of many deaths throughout the world and diseases.

Drought- another calamity for the climate

There are areas in the world, where there is no rain or very less rain. The people living in these areas suffer from malnutrition and diseases which occur due to acute shortage of water. Lack of good quality of drinking water causes severe stomach diseases that result in deaths of many people.

Rising sea-levels and atmospheric heat

Extreme heat makes the sea-levels rise and being extreme weather. Due to cutting of trees and environmental degradation and mushrooming of concrete structures in the cities, climate gets affected in the worst ways. Destruction of natural greenery brings respiratory diseases, heart ailments and mental depression in the people living in the cities. You suffer from all these kinds of diseases due to lack of fresh air and oxygen.

Poor climate affects your health

Poor climate means extreme forms of weather. You always feel sick if there are incessant rains during Rainy season, unbearable heat during summer and freezing temperatures during winter. There are many areas, which suffer from ecological balance and as a result suffer from such extreme weather conditions during seasons. You can see this in the cities of developing countries, where there are senseless cutting of trees and destruction of natural bounties.

Health is a boon from climate

If you think that you can be healthy only by eating healthy and exercising, you may be absolutely wrong. Foods cannot be healthy if the climate stays rough and exercises are no good when there is no clean air. The clean air is the first necessity for your lungs, which exercises need to give to your respiratory system and food grains produced in the extreme climatic conditions, lack in the necessary proteins and vitamins, which your body needs for the sake of immunity. Especially in the tropical nations, people suffer from dehydration, breathlessness and physical and mental weaknesses because of the hot climate and sweating from the body. Good climate can only give you good health.

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