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How to Make a Claim Following an Injury in the Workplace

work-injuryIf you have an accident at work, making an injury claim may well be the last thing you feel like thinking about. It is worth bearing in mind that there are literally thousands of workplace accidents each year in the UK for example, and many result in financial hardships including hefty medical bills and loss of earnings due to taking time off work to recover.

Many of the accidents that occur in the workplace are due to poor standards of health and safety or insufficient on-the-job training, and can therefore be eligible for compensation to cover these financial burdens. The most common injuries in today’s workplace come from over-exertion – our high-pressure lifestyles cause many employees to rush through tasks without perhaps giving them due care and attention.

Causes of Injury Claims

Accident-at-work injury claims commonly arise when employees are either not informed how to perform tasks safely or are given impossible targets to meet, making them hurry. Improper lifting technique is one of the most common causes of back strain. Your employer has a duty to train you properly in every single aspect of your role. If they do not and you injure yourself you could be entitled to a cash payout. Slipping, tripping, walking into things or being hit by falling objects also cause many accidents at work.

Employer Bears Responsibility

Again, your employer is responsible for minimizing the chances of these things happen. Proper risk assessments should be undertaken on a regular basis and steps taken to ensure employee safety. To start the ball rolling on your claim all it takes is one quick phone call. You can even request a call back online at a time that is convenient for you so you don’t even pay for the call.

All workplace accident claims are handled by trained solicitors on a no win no fee basis, so if your claim is unsuccessful you won’t pay a penny

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