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Live Life Video: Review of a Powerful Positive Affirmations Video

positive affirmations What’s the Live Life Video all about?

Live Life is a new life changing powerful video geared toward (and created for) people who are going through a rough time; for instance, someone who is battling a life-threatening illness and feels helpless in the face of such adversity. Or someone who has just lost a loved one and doesn’t see the need to continue to live. Or, perhaps someone who has just lost his job and see the world literally crumbling at his feet.

Thinking healthy, and cultivating lively, productive thoughts can cause you to significantly prolong your life. As such, the Live Life Video focuses the mind on living a healthy, joyous, fulfilling and loving life and anticipating each new day fully.

Live Life Video is based on positive affirmations

Positive affirmations work for a fact. They are used to bring permanent and positive change to one’s life. The Live Life Video is engorged with powerful positive affirmations together with upbeat tempo music and healing binaural beats that have been carefully formulated to produce mental boost. Simply put on your headphones and begin your journey to Live Life and overcome life adversities by utilizing the power of positive affirmations.

Who is behind the Life Life Video?

Kandesskay is the author and administrator of and is the creator of the Live Life Video. Kandesskay’s desire is to see everyone happy and content with life; a life that they personally chose to live intentionally. Kandesskay believes as long as there is breath (Life) in your body, you are alive and thriving, and you have life! Life is now; Also, Life is a choice and only the result of what you make it to be. This is because, Life is what you believe it to be.

More on the concept of Life

What are you believing your Life to be? By taking one breath at a time, you can plan to live Life, thinking 20 years ahead, and by loving your life, loving you, believing in your self. Planning ahead is to plan to live; the Live Life Video will do just that, causing you to change your fears and doubts into a positive, optimistic happy thriving attitude. What you give your energy to and what you can feel and believe will come to be your reality.  It has scientifically been proven that a woman dying of cancer was given a sugar pill and lead to believe it was a new miracle cancer healing pills and she became healed, 100% cancer-free. The reason was simple: she TRULY believed the pill had cured her she was healed. As soon as the doctor told her the pill was only a sugar pill with no healing agents in it, the woman became cancer ridden once again and died shortly after.

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