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Looking to Have a Better Eyesight? Try These Natural Remedies

better eyesight with carrotsAre you looking for a way to have a better eyesight through healthy eating and natural eye care remedies? There are many long standing traditions and superstitions that are thought to improve vision, some of which have been proven to make a difference.

Hundreds of years ago, seamen proudly sported earrings which were thought to improve or even cure bad eyesight, due to a belief that precious metals possessed magical healing powers. Although this wasn’t true, the earrings did in fact help to protect their hearing, as they dangled wads of wax from their earrings to use as earplugs when their ship fired cannons during close combat with the enemy.

Over the years, people have resorted to some unusual and sometimes dangerous methods in pursuit of improving their vision or curing infection. One very popular remedy for sore eyes was ‘snail water’ – created by impaling a snail onto a pin and letting the juice run into the affected eye.  It is worth noting that snail gel is becoming popular again for skin and eye products – maybe they were onto something there!

Read on for some modern day remedies that might work for you.

Carrots for Better Eyesight!

While it may sounds like a myth…the high levels of Vitamin A found in carrots are one of the easiest ways to boost the health of your eyes and have a better eyesight.  As this vitamin is stored in your liver for future use, just 5 carrots a week is enough to have a positive effect on your vision. You can find Vitamin A in all orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fish, liver, eggs and dairy products.

Vitamins and minerals are much more readily absorbed and utilized by your body when you eat them rather than popping a pill. Vitamin B2 and Vitamin D, which is found in parsley and sunflower seeds, can improve day vision by helping to prevent your eyes from feeling strained by the glare of the sun.

Get a Better Eyesight with Herbs and Spices

Regular intake of herbs and spices can be a great, traditional way to get a better eyesight. Here is a few


A tea prepared from coriander and warm water can be used as an eye wash for conjunctivitis. There should be immediate decrease in the burning, redness and swelling of the eyes.


Aniseed is particularly beneficial in the treatment of cataracts. You can take one tablespoon of aniseed powder twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to get the best results. Alternatively you can make a balanced mixture of aniseed powder, coriander seed powder and unrefined sugar, again to take twice a day.

Indian Sorrel

The Indian Sorrel has outstanding properties in the treatment of a number of eye problems. A few drops of the juice of its leaves can be put in the eyes every day to keep them free from strain. They can also be used to prevent cataracts.

Liquorice root

This is an excellent herb to reduce inflammation and to improve vision. The recommended daily amount is a ¼ teaspoon of liquorice powder taken with water. Alternatively, chew on a small piece of a liquorice stick.   Liquorice is also thought to increase one’s memory and mental clarity.

You could try using one of these tips or a combination of several for better eyesight.  Herbs and spices are so good for you that you are likely to notice several other beneficial results too!

Please note that these tips are not intended to be used in lieu of visiting your optician. Regular checkups will not only maintain your eye health, but can also catch early signs of some health problems.  If you are changing your diet, it is always advisable to visit your GP for advice.

About the Author: Christina Romano contributed this article. She works at Lenstore, an online retailer for contact lenses.

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