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OdorXout Review: Nature’s Way to Remove Odors

OdorxoutWhether you know it or not, those visiting your home or place of business are immediately hit with whatever smell resides in your building. In many cases, the smell is unpleasant or counterproductive. Those inside have become accustomed to the smells and have little understanding of this silent testimony that leaves a real impression. Those who are aware of this problem often make the mistake of spraying fragrances around, using plug-in devices to clear the air, or try to dress up the smell.

What you need to know is that many of these cleaning products and fragrances make the air worse, more toxic, and harmful to people with respiratory issues. So, the problem is not improved, but becomes more of a health threat. Odor removal is an endless cycle, because those expensive cleaning products do little more than mask or trap the odor. The odor remains long after the fragrance has run its course.

OdorXout Review

OdorXout is an odor removal service that uses ozone to completely eliminate any kind of odors from home or office. There are no chemicals used in the process and there is no residue left behind. When the job is done, the ozone quickly reverts to normal, fresh oxygen. It is what nature does every day to destroy the odors outdoors, but bringing the solution inside has not existed until now.

OdorXout requires a three hour window to clear out even the most powerful odors and leave the building absolutely free of odor. And the great thing is the odor does not return. Homes with pet and urine odors will love this solution because of its ability tackle the odor at the molecular level. Smoke odor is another easy target for ozone.

From a health perspective, most people know that you don’t want to breathe ozone because it irritates the nose, throat, and lungs. So, you have to vacate the building during treatment. On a positive note, ozone reverts to oxygen in 15 minutes after application, so there is no lingering health issue.

The positive health news is that pesticides and airborne toxins are destroyed by ozone. Dust mites are destroyed by ozone as well. And, even pet dander is neutralized. Any family with allergies and asthmatics should find good relief from a less hostile environment. Ozone is the third more effective sterilant in the world and is used to purify water, sanitize hospital surgery rooms, decontaminate material, and used on farms to reduce the smell and bacterial growth.

OdorXout is a service that will bring trained professionals to your home or office to provide a solution that is chemical fee and extremely effective. It is hard to imagine that we can end our multi-billion dollar dependency on air fresheners and cleaning products that are not nearly as friendly to our environment or our health.

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