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Pueraria Mirifica: Herbal Breast Enlargement Biggest Secret

Pueraria Mirifica breast enlargementWhat is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria Mirifica is a tuber that is native to Northern Thailand and Myanmar. It grows and thrives in deep forests in the hills of this region, at elevations of 300 to 900 metres (980 to 2900 feet) above sea level. In Thailand, the plant is known locally as White Kwao Krua. Although the locals have known about Pueraria Mirifica for hundreds of years, in recent years this plant has attracted a great deal of attention from western scientists, researchers and herbalists on account of its many health and wellness benefits for women.

In Thailand, however, indigenous women have long known about the rejuvenating and restorative properties of this amazing herb and its enhancement effects on female breasts, as well as the relief it provides to older women going through menopause. Locally, this knowledge has been handed down from one generation to the next through the centuries. But, western scientists were largely unaware of the remarkable properties of this plant until relatively recent times.

Pueraria Mirifica and its Content of Phytoestrogens

Lately,  research studies and clinical evaluations by western scientists, along with studies conducted at universities in Thailand, have established that the rhizome extract of Pueraria Mirifica contains one of the highest and most effective concentrations of several groups of Phytoestrogens, amongst all plants. It has been established that it is this element that gives this herb the amazing and extraordinary properties of enhancing the size and firmness of female breasts, of rejuvenating effects on the hair and skin of women thereby restoring appearances of youthfulness. The phytoestrogens contained in the Pueraria mirifica also substantially help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms and discomforts of menopause.

Pueraria Mirifica and Breast Enlargement

Some groups of these phytoestrogens (miroestrol and its derivative, deoxymiroestrol) are, in fact, currently under further research for possible use in hormone replacement therapy for women going through menopause. The enhancement effects of extracts of this plant on female breasts have been demonstrated by studies in Japan, Thailand and England. As described in the website breast-actives.net, these research results have been very effectively used by Ultra Herbal, the manufacturers of Breast Actives, who have formulated their breast enhancement cream from the root extract of Pueraria Mirifica. Independent studies carried out by Ultra Herbal have shown that the effectiveness for breast enhancement of their original herbal pills, originally marketed as Breast Gain Plus, have been very substantially improved by the addition of the Pueraria Mirifica based breast massage cream. Pueraria Mirifica extract has been successfully incorporated in several other herbal breast enhancement products.

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