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Simple Home Exercises to Help you Tone

home workouts
home workouts

Keeping your muscles toned doesn’t require going to the gym. With a few simple exercises, you can work your muscles anywhere and enjoy better definition that won’t go unnoticed. Here are a few essential exercises that will help you develop and maintain a great-looking body.


Pushups are known for building the pecs, but they actually work many areas of the body, including the upper arms and forearms. To do pushups, lower your hands to the floor from a kneeling position, then walk your feet back behind you. With your hands about shoulder-width apart, push yourself up and lower yourself while making sure to keep your abdomen tucked in. You can also ease into pushups by performing them at an incline with your hands on the kitchen counter or wall. Aim for at least five repetitions in a row to begin with, but try to work up to about 20.


Bodyweight squats (such as Bulgarian squats) are a great way to build firm, muscular legs that never get tired. Place your feet slightly further than shoulder-width apart, keep your stomach tucked in and lower yourself slowly toward the floor for at least 10 repetitions at first, then 20 or more in a set after strength has increased. To target different areas of the leg muscles, try changing the width of your feet placement for different sets.


Leg raises are extremely effective for toning the lower abs and the hips. Lay on your back, place your hands beneath your bottom and keep your legs together. Slowly raise your legs and lower them without touching the floor between repetitions. Aim for at least one set of 10 to begin with, but try to build up to a few dozen reps per set over time.


To tone the glutes, lay on your back with your arms at your sides. Bring your feet closer toward your butt, then lift your butt high in the air. Hold this position for a few moments while squeezing your glutes together, then lower yourself to the floor. Repeat at least five times to begin with, but try to complete a few sets over time.

While gyms offer plenty of machines and other equipment that are handy for building and toning muscle, they aren’t essential for success. Progress depends on individual effort and consistency and is absolutely attainable at home or the office. By practicing the exercises listed above, your muscles will become more toned and firm in the simplest ways possible.

Author bio:  Karlee Wiggins blogs about fitness and health topics.  She is a supporter of San Diego Breast Augmentation by Dr. Smoot and the professional clinic he runs.

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