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Top Tips For Getting The Right Running Shoes

running shoesAnyone who runs regularly will know that a good pair of running shoes can make the difference between recovering quickly from a run or suffering from aching limbs. With this in mind, it is very important to know how to get the right shoes. Everyone has a different running style and needs a specific pair that will suit it.

What Kind of Runner Are You?

This is going to have to be the first question to ask yourself. In other words, do you consider yourself to be a runner or would you better describe yourself as a jogger? Other questions you need to consider are things such as how many miles you tend to run in an average week and also whether you are an outdoor runner or you prefer to stick to the treadmill.

Naturally, if you consider yourself to be something of a semi-professional runner and are even perhaps currently in training for a triathlon or a major race, then you are going to need something more substantial when it comes to your running shoes.

Your Body Type

Your specific body type will also need to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, there are running shoes available that are made for just about every shape of body. Large ‘big-boned’ people are certainly going to need something vastly different from the slim and slight body types.

Your Style of Running

Perhaps surprisingly, there is a huge variety of ways that people actually run. For example, some tend to make contact with the ground with their heels first, while for others the inside of the forefoot hits the ground first. The former will naturally need more cushioning in the heel area, while for the latter more will be required at the forefoot.

Identify any Regular Injuries

As specialists such as Lawyers 4 patients will confirm, individuals often tend to receive injuries in the same part of the body over and over again. For example, some many regularly suffer from tendonitis while others may repeatedly have problems with either blisters or shin splints. More often than not, however, these problems can be avoided if the correct running shoes are worn.

Be Prepared when you Shop

Having carefully considered all of these points, you will have a much better idea of what type of shoe you require when its time to make a purchase. More often than not, the salesperson should be able to be of further assistance, provided you bring your old running shoes with you. This way, the salesperson should be able to better identify the type of shoe you need simply by examining the way in which your old ones have become worn.


Finally, while you may be certain that you know your correct shoe size, the fact is that feet can continue to change, however slightly, well into adulthood. Therefore it will be essential to get measured appropriately. This includes not only the size of your feet but also the shape.

The right shoes can enhance the enjoyment you get from running and prevent injuries, sometimes serious ones, which can occur when wearing the wrong type of shoes.

About the author: This blog post was written by blogger Jamie Knop on behalf of Lawyers 4 Patients.
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