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Using an Outdoor Sauna for Social Gatherings

saunaThe health benefits of using an outdoor sauna are undeniable. It can help ease muscle aches, improve skin health, reduce stress, and provide a venue for relaxation. However, outdoor saunas can also be used to entertain guests for intimate get-togethers.

Why use a Sauna?

In Finland and other countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia, the sauna is a venue for familial and social bonding. You can take a cue from these cultures and have a traditional or a barrel sauna installed in your backyard.

Many people go to saunas to rest and relax after a long day at work or after a stressful week. Under the high heat, the body releases endorphins that not only help relieve stress, but soothe aches in muscles and joints. Going to saunas can also help improve circulation as heat encourages vasodilation or the expansion of blood vessels that increase blood flow. These positive effects associated with the sauna make it an ideal venue for socializing.

What to look for in a Sauna?

When choosing a sauna for your outdoor space, make sure it’s durable and easy to install. Your chosen sauna should be made of durable wood such as tight knot cedar or western red cedar. The manufacturer should also allow you to choose between a wood burning stove and an electric heater with the necessary controls. Aside from that, look for a sauna with a built-in ventilation system with a durable door and a window. It should also have a solid base for support and stability, especially important for barrel-shaped rooms. The assembly kit of the sauna should also come with weather resistant bands and clamps. The panels should also be pre-cut and drilled for easy installation.
Most importantly, choose an outdoor sauna available in the size that you need for comfortable entertaining when relatives and friends visit. This way, you can freely share its benefits and allow each of your guests to relax and enjoy themselves when they visit.

About the author: Karina Simpson enjoys sparties (spa parties), especially during bridal showers. Working for the events industry sure wears her down so she makes sure to give herself some pampering at least twice a month.
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