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Viral Infections: Diagnosis and Prevention

viral infectionsViral infections have kept doctors on their toes and medical science evolving over the years. Without virus there might have been no evolution in medical science. Whenever a virus spreads, doctors and scientists go on finding reasons for the cause, effect, and prevention of the virus, thus leading to scientific evolution.

When it comes to viruses and human health, different viruses impact humans differently, some may cause casual sickness, others may cause diseases like:

  • Mumps
  • Influenza
  • Measles
  • AIDS

The lines below give a brief overview viral infections prevention, along with diagnosis and effect of medication given to a person infected from a virus.

Prevention of Viral Infections

Although it is impossible to rule out the chances of not being exposed to any virus at all, the key to protection from a virus lies in prevention. There are different ways to prevent yourself from viral infections; some of which are discussed below:

  • The first way of prevention from a virus is vaccination; there are a number of vaccines available each serving its purpose of prevention from virus
  • For viruses which cannot be stopped from vaccination the key lies in using common sense and maintaining personal hygiene
  • The spread of the virus can be stopped by proper sanitation and washing the hands
  • To resist the virus you need a strong immune system, which can only be made strong if the body is healthy
  • A proper night sleep and consumption of good nutrients can help in preparing the body against the attack of any virus

Diagnosis of Viral Infections

When it comes to diagnosis of a viral infections, it is a very tricky matter. Even the doctors make an educated guess about the infection being caused by a virus, as bacteria is a very close contender with virus and causes the same diseases. The only way of diagnosing a viral infection is through trial and error. For illustration purposes, the example of common cold virus be taken:

  • The person suffering from viral infection will have clearer infection, where as the other one would have bacterial infection.
  • A colorless mucus means it’s a viral infection, where as a green or yellow mucus means that antibiotic are needed for the treatment of bacterial infection
  • The other indicator of an infection being bacterial and not viral is that it will not be resolved with antibiotics

Therefore, there is no simple and clear diagnosis of either an infection is caused by bacteria or virus, it all depends upon the judgment of the doctor and running of some trial and error tests.

Function of Medication against Viruses

Medications brought out in the market, or prescribed by the doctors do not treat the virus, rather their function is to slow down or minimize the severity of the virus. Moreover, the antiviral drugs can also help in minimizing the duration of the sickness of a person hit by a virus. There is no guarantee that the person using antiviral drugs would gain any benefit from them, or there would be no secondary infection. Due to the great diversity in nature and types of viruses, no definite statement could be made about the treatment of any particular virus.

Bottom Line

In short, viruses are all around us, they cannot be treated; the only solution to fighting viruses is prevention. Moreover, in case of antiviral drugs, their function is to minimize the impact of viruses and not cure them.

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