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What To Look For in a Personal Trainer?

personal trainerA professional personal trainer can ensure that you maximize your workout and lower risk of injury, but an inadequate trainer can actually make matters worse. That’s why choosing the right trainer can be a daunting task. Most health and fitness centers have personal trainers who work with members, but you can also hire a personal trainer to work with you in your home. Before taking the personal trainer plunge, make sure you do your homework.

Define Your Goals

By having clear goals, you can zero in on trainers who have experience in those areas. Among the areas a personal trainer may specialize are:

  • weight loss or maintenance
  • strength training
  • endurance training
  • injury recovery
  • bodybuilding
  • specific athletic training
  • general health

Check Out Trainer Credentials

Choose a trainer who is certified in personal or athletic training or coaching. Check out the certification body itself and confirm your trainer’s certification is up to date. Make sure the trainer is also certified in first aid and CPR.

Perform a Reference Check

Ask for and check references. Previous or current clients can offer valuable insight about how a trainer works with clients and whether goals are being met. If a previous client was not pleased, ask for specifics – it may have nothing to do with a trainer’s ability to help you.


If your personal trainer works at your health club, you may receive a discount, a package deal, or even a few free trial sessions. If you hire a personal trainer to come to your home, prices vary depending on how much equipment they must provide, what services they will perform, and their level of experience. Ask about pricing upfront so there are no misunderstandings.

Personality Matters

Do you prefer an easy-going trainer, or will you work better with the demanding in-your-face type? Choose someone who understands your goals and health concerns, but don’t forget to discuss his or her approach.

Schedule an Evaluation Session

After you’ve chosen a trainer, set up an evaluation session. Provide your trainer with a complete record of your medical history, including previous or current injuries. Your personal trainer should perform a through evaluation of your fitness level before formulating a plan.

While your new trainer is evaluating you, you should be evaluating him or her as well. Is the trainer in good shape and presentable? Is he or she engaged in your conversation? Have policies and procedures been explained?

Once you’ve chosen your personal trainer, give the relationship and the routine time to gel. Together, you can make improved health a top priority.

About the Author: Brendan Wilde is a freelance health and wellbeing journalist who writes regularly for the UK National Register of Personal Trainers. For more information please visit: http://www.nrpt.co.uk/become/introduction/index.htm

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