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Always Buy the Organic Version of the Following Foods

organic foodBelieve me if we were all living in a perfect world then every single one of us would be doing all of our food shopping at farmer’s markets, eating fresh organic chickens that were just running around in our gardens, partnering up with our friends and neighbors to buy whole entire cows and lambs for really fresh organic meat, and of course we’d all be running around our local forests to get organic mushrooms.

But the reality is largely different from this perfect world I’ve just described. Most people just don’t have the time or frankly the desire to live life in this sort of way. And even if we did I find it hard to imagine many people would put their hand up to actually hunt for mushrooms.

When you look around you and notice, that at anytime you can walk into your local convenience store for anything you desire… it can be hard to imagine how even the strongest amongst us would give up that luxury. Would you ever give up the idea of being able to go into any store to pick up the food items you need, to instead go on a hunt all day just for a single meal? I somehow doubt most people would.

But of course while most people don’t ever want to give up the daily comforts of everyday life they still want to be as healthy as possible. In an ideal world we would all be buying all of our food organically, but as a good alternative I think most people would be happy to settle for buying the most important foods organically, that are not only really good for our long term health and well being but also don’t end up costing an arm and a leg.

So to really help all of you get a good jump start on eating more organic foods, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the most important foods that you need to start eating organically. This is a list of foods that I believe you should without a doubt be eating organic every single day of your life.

Now to make things as easy to follow as possible I’ve attempted to put the list in order of importance, starting with the most important and ending with the least. Ideally you should work to get all of them organically.

So here is the list with the most important at the top…

One: Leafy Green Vegetables

Yes, this is the most important one that you need to buy organically. The reason being is that most of us eat vegetables on a semi regular basis, if not regularly… and the thing with leafy green vegetables such as collards and kale is that they have a really large surface area.

This literally means that all the pesticides that are sprayed all over them will get onto a large percentage of the vegetable. And with leafy green vegetables being quite delicate, it can be practically impossible to remove all of it without destroying the whole thing.

Things like cucumbers can be scrubbed under water really hard without causing any damage but you really can’t expect to apply the same sort of force to spinach without turning it into a pile of mush.

If this is not enough to convince you to go organic when it comes to vegetables, then it is important for you to understand and appreciate that vegetables being such a large part of your diet means, that if you are consuming non organic vegetables then you will be ingesting a lot of pesticides. Not great if you are serious about improving the quality of your health over a long period of time.

So believe me if the only thing that you change to organic in your diet is vegetables then it is a good start on your quest to improve your health.

Two: Full Fat Dairy

Believe me there are a massive number of people in this world that are lactose intolerant but there is an even larger amount of the population that actually eats some form of dairy, every single day of their life. Whether it be milk, yogurt, or butter… most of us usually end up eating some form of dairy product daily.

Now if we were living in the world that I described in the beginning of this article then we would all be able to get fresh milk and dairy from cows that were living in our backyards. However this isn’t a reality for most and so the next best option for the most of us is to actually make sure that the dairy products that we buy from now on are organic.

The thing you are getting when you buy organic dairy is the guarantee that it has met certain rules and regulations that have been set up by the government.

The first standard that all organic dairy must meet is the fact that the cows that produce organic milk in the first place must graze on grass for the entire grazing season. Not only that, but the farmers must also make sure that the grass that these cows consume account for at least 30% of the total calories that these cows eat during that same period.

Now on an average you can expect the grazing seasons to actually last for about 120 days but often this can go on for much longer. So ultimately when you are buying organic dairy you are actually being guaranteed that the cow from which this dairy came from actually ate a good amount of grass. Something that you can never expect from non organic producing cows.

So from now on you really need to do whatever you can to actually eat organically produced dairy!

Three: Grass Fed Beef

The laws and legislations that I mentioned above in regards to organic milk and dairy apply to the actual beef that these same cows deliver.

So you can be sure that when you are buying organic beef that you are getting something that is of really high quality in comparison to the usual, non organic beef that you are used to buying. The organic beef that you find in stores will not only tastes 100 times better than what most people are used to eating but it will also have a ton more healthy nutrients that are great for your body and overall health.

Now the most ideal situation would be to actually buy beef that is 100% grass fed but if you are not able to afford this then getting yourself organic beef is far better than just settling for conventional beef.

Truth be told, a lot of the beef that you are probably going to be buying organic is probably going to be from cows that were raised upon soy and corn. However the great thing you need to appreciate is the fact that the food that these cows get will neither be genetically modified or contain a massive amount of pesticides in them.

The bonus is that no organic cow, as forced upon by government legislation is allowed to be given any antibiotics or hormones.

Now if we are all living in the most ideal world then I’d say that it would be ideal if you could actually buy all your foods organically. But hey, this just isn’t realistic for most people so this list that I’ve shared with you today is a good place to start.

Believe me starting slowly and tackling one food at a time is the best way to move forward and actually get all the organic foods you want.

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