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Anemia: Building Iron Rich Blood

anemiaKeeping our blood healthy can be taken for granted for most.  However a very common blood disorder, Anemia is one that can be troublesome – and if not treated properly, an ongoing issue which is very common in women, but also in children. It can be caused by numerous conditions, such as ulcers, hormonal problems, serious infection or menstrual issues, poor dietary absorption as well as vitamin b12 deficiency and overall poor diet.

Signs & Symptoms of Anemia

When not enough oxygen is in the blood you are going to feel the effects.  Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms, but add to that headaches, poor concentration, depression and dizziness,  it really stands to reason that getting it diagnosed and on the mend is a priority.  However because these are common symptoms, they can go overlooked for some time.  A simple finger prick at the doctor’s office is a start, but of course proper blood work is advised for more thorough diagnosis.

Medical Intervention

Medically speaking the initial course of action is to prescribe ‘iron pills’ – and in more severe cases someone may have to get an iron infusion.  This of course is when more serious issues are at hand.  Unfortunately many have reactions to iron pills/tablets such as feeling sick (nausea), an upset stomach, constipation, or diarrhea and needless to say can make things even more uncomfortable.

Healthy Options 

For the less serious anemia problems, natural therapies offer numerous options to safely increase iron and building the blood. (They can work in more serious conditions as well, it just takes dedication and working on repairing the cause!) Not only do we have to supplement the diet with iron rich foods, but also consider just what kind of diet we have in the first place!

Iron Rich

Adding foods and herbs that are high in iron are important obviously, but cutting way back on the junk and processed foods will help with overall absorption.  Foods that are very helpful:  apricots, asparagus, broccoli, kelp, leafy greens, peas, purple grapes, plums, turnip greens and yams.  Herbs I like:  Yellow Dock, Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Shepard’s Purse, Chlorophyll and Dandelion are very helpful to build the blood safely.  I also have good luck with Black Strap Molasses – high in iron, calcium and potassium and B vitamins which make it easily absorbed by the body. For adults, 2 tablespoons daily is a normal dose.  B12 is also usually supplemented to increase absorption of iron – so any blood building regime should include it!

Knowledge is Power

Unfortunately many are not well-versed in the natural options available to them, and tend to first go to iron pills.  Some can do well with them, but many have problems as mentioned above and feel at a loss as to what other options they have!  A little investigation is all it takes to find answers.  And of course having regular checkups to keep track of iron/hemoglobin levels is key here.  We don’t want to overdo either!
Overall, most will respond very well to the natural ‘food’ options to build their iron levels back to normal.   The other key is to be aware of what is causing the problem to begin with and try to improve that as well.  It doesn’t have to be a roller coaster ride to feel better – just a little effort to reap great health!

About the Author: Master Herbalist, Iridologist & owner of Root2Health, Katy Lowe has been assisting others for over 16 yrs to find do-able answers to their health issues. Katy studied under Dr Richard Schulze, and then later integrating the Mind/Body connection, spent time with numerous spiritual healers including Deepak Chopra. Katy believes the mind/body approach and law of attraction enhances the healing process. Root2Health has its own organic line of Herbal Formulas to take care of the guess work!


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