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Eight Reasons to Stay on Top of Personal Hygiene

Everyone knows that personal hygiene is important but have you ever wondered why? The primary motive behind that morning shower is obviously to keep odors at bay but there are actually many reasons for keeping your personal hygiene in check.

Here are eight reasons not to be lazy when it comes to personal hygiene.

Disease Prevention

Personal hygiene isn’t just important for looking and smelling your best, it’s important for your health. Germs are a lot more prevalent than most people believe and the easiest way to protect yourself from them is to wash your hands frequently.

At the very minimum, you should be washing your hands after you use the restroom. A quick rinse before you eat or prepare food is also very much recommended.

To Keep Medical Bills to a Minimum

Another downside to poor personal hygiene is that it tends to be expensive. The less you look after your teeth, the more you can expect to pay in dental bills. Getting a filling isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s expensive.

The same logic applies to washing your hands, the more you wash them, the less you are going to get sick and the less money you are going to have to spend visiting the doctor.

To Keep Your Smile Beautiful

If you fail to brush and floss regularly, you run the risk of not just bad breath but permanent damage to your teeth. The less you brush and floss, the more likely you are to suffer from both cavities and gum disease. When left untreated, both problems are more than capable of leading to tooth loss.

Career Advancement

Personal hygiene is also important when it comes to career advancement. If you’re coming into work every day looking a little on the dirty side, you can’t really expect management to take you seriously.

As well as making sure to keep bad smells at bay, being well groomed is essential. Stubble might be stylish at the weekend but it’s not going to help you get promoted.

To be a Role Model

If you have children, one of the many things that you are going to need to teach them is the importance of keeping themselves clean. If your personal hygiene isn’t in check, you’re obviously not setting a very good example.

For Self Confidence

Most people are much more confident when they know that they look and smell their best. Not only can a shower in the morning help you to wake up, it can help you to have the confidence you need to get things done.

To Have a Social Life

Call it superficial, call it shallow, but nobody wants to spend their time around somebody that smells. If you fail to keep your personal hygiene in check, you are needlessly handicapping yourself in your social endeavors.

It’s just a simple fact of modern life, when you take care of yourself, people are more inclined to respect and like you.

To be Attractive

Finally, if you want to attract members of the opposite sex, high levels of personal hygiene are absolutely essential. It doesn’t matter what else you have going for you, if you smell of body odor, you can’t expect anyone to be attracted to you.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to yellow teeth and bad breath. Failing to wash your hair regularly can lead to greasy, flaky hair. If you want a romantic life, you need to take care of yourself.

About the Author: Jason Isaac is an enthusiast blogger who writes articles on personal hygiene. He provides essential information on portable urinal device to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable experience in public.

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