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Have More Sex For Faster Weight Loss!

sex helps lose weightThere are many things you can do to lose weight naturally but none is as fun and interesting than having sex with your partner! Many of us often over indulge in junk foods, not due to hunger, but because our emotional needs are not satisfied. Research has shown that frequently engaging in safe sex can greatly reduce your food cravings, which in turn will help you lose weight more effectively. Having sex with your partner is one of the best ways to achieve emotional fulfillment. When you your emotions are fulfilled, you will have less propensity to seek comfort in food binging.

Feel Good Hormones

Sex is one of the best exercises to burn fat naturally. When you enjoy the satisfaction and the intimacy of having sex with your partner, your brain naturally stops receiving signals about your desire to eat. This is due to the fact that sex usually releases feel-good hormones similar to the ones released after eating. In addition, since your mind and hands are occupied, food will be the last thing on your mind.

Sex Can Motivate you to Lose Weight

The other advantage of having amazing sex often is that you should find sex more enjoyable as you become slimmer. As you get slimmer and fitter, your self-esteem becomes higher and in turn you will feel more attractive, thereby increasing your libido. The notion that people find you attractive will improve your self-esteem and will help make you even more motivated to shed a few extra pounds.

Sex Can Lower your Stress Level

Do you also know that sex is associated with low stress levels? Stress is directly related to weight gain since you are susceptible to overindulging in unhealthy snacks when you are feeling depressed. By enjoying peace of mind along with the company of your partner, your stress levels will drop significantly as you feel more satisfied with your life. Additionally, sex can also help you sleep better, an essential factor that helps speed up weight loss.

Other benefits of having good sex on a regular basis include improvement of heart rate, increasing blood flow, reduction of bad cholesterol, and revitalization of body and mind. So sex is definitely one of the best and most enjoyable exercises to help lose fat naturally.

About the author: Alvin is a fitness blogger and has helped many individuals all over the world lose weight effectively. Make sure to check out his blog which gives you many more weight loss tips !
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