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How to Lose Weight after the Holidays and Keep it off for Good

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Losing weight…the dreaded phrase that usually sends a chill down your spine…the  constant reminder that makes you wonder why or how you put on the weight in the first place. But like anything we do, we try to justify our weight gain, don’t we? Oh my work schedule is very hectic. Oh I just had a child (even though that was two years ago). Oh we are big boned in our family so it’s nothing new.

But what really went wrong?

So rather than making a correction in our lifestyles, and losing the weight, we spend most of our life finding all sorts of excuses as to why we couldn’t lose it. But when we start to peel the onion back, we quickly realize that it’s not that difficult to identify what went wrong. Well, what went wrong was that we stopped eating healthy food. We began to choose soda over water at every lunch meal. We would rather do a McDonald drive thru than prepare a homemade meal. We stopped exercising. We forgot to take the stairs; in fact we get crazy mad when the escalator stops running (as if the world was coming to an end). In a nutshell, we stopped taking care of our body…that’s what went wrong! That’s how we packed on the weight.

How to lose weight after the holidays

On top of all the reasons mentioned above, it doesn’t help that every year we have holidays; and it doesn’t help that we treat holidays as days when we have a free pass to eat and drink whatever and however. The good news is…well there’s no good news. The bad news is those holiday extra pounds carry over to the next holiday and the next, and the next. Before you know it, you have accumulated several years’ worth of stubborn holiday fat. If you are interested in losing that weight and keeping it off (I believe you do), then follow these tips from now on.

Always work out during and after holidays: It is important to exercise regularly. It’s even more important to exercise during holidays because those are the times we tend to eat more. So wake up earlier than usual, and do a high intensity interval workout at home. Keep your holiday workout schedule even after the holidays are over (at least 3 times a week). You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. An intense 15-minute turbulence body-weight workout can burn hundreds of calories throughout the day. And if you are out of exercise ideas, try the one below.

Pack your foods: When you visit a friend over the holidays for dinner or any other special occasion, you don’t have to eat everything you are presented. As a rule of thumb, never get completely full when you eat. Always leave a little room in your stomach. Pack the rest of the food and take it home with you. Eat it the next day or the day after. Portion control is an essential part of the weight loss formula, so keep that in mind.

Drink lots of water: The more water you drink, the less space you’ll have for food. So hydrate yourself even more over the holidays, because that’s when you are more likely to binge eat. As a rule of thumb, drink at least half your body weight in ounce of water every day. For example if you weigh 150 pounds, drink about 75 oz of water daily.

If you maintain these simple (yet effective) rules during and after the holidays, you will be on your way to losing that stubborn belly fat, and keeping it flat for good.

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