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Is Body Mass Index Important?

BMI-femaleA little piece of paper caught my attention and I’ve asked myself is Body Mass Index the same as fat and how important is it to know your body fat percentage.  Actually, couple of days ago my son brought me a flier that offers to people the opportunity to learn their Body Mass Index.  My first reaction was: Does it really matter for the dieters what the results are from measuring BMI?

BMI is a good tool mainly for the health specialists such as physicians, dietitians, physiotherapists and professionals in sports. These are the people who need to know the numbers so they can provide help to their patients or control exercise trainings and nutritional intake.

I would like to give you easy ways to find your Body Mass Index without going into deep scientific researches. They will help you to face the truth about your body fat and lean muscles mass. Here are my simple tips for those of you who want to lose weight and maintain health:

Look at the Mirror and Take a Picture of Yourself

We all know what we see at the mirror. Mirror never lies.  Looking at your reflection gives you great feedback about your body condition.  You can check whether your tummy sticks out and if your buttock is bigger and how lifted it is. Take a picture and you will be surprised for good or bad but it will be real. Thus, if you don’t like what you see you can always improve it.

Do You Feel Your Upper Arms or Belly Jiggle?

These are painful questions but they can give the right answers about the amount of fat you have and how much muscle tissue is missing. If you feel that you can’t control the movements of your body parts while in rest then your Body Mass Index needs improvements.

Flabbiness and uncontrollably jiggle fat deposits are signals for obesity along with toxicity. Consider doing detox, more physical activity and changing your eating habits.

Do Your Clothes Fit You?

Imagine that you need to go to some special event and you can’t find any clothes that fit you. That’s a horrible scenario which happens quite often to men and women. Suddenly you realize that you’ve gained weight and there isn’t anything to wear. So, do you see the need of using Body Mass Index formula to see the exact percentage of body fat you’ve put on? I doubt so.

Are You Tired?

Being constantly tired is a good measurement for us. It shows that something isn’t right with our metabolism.  Feeling tired without any particular reason means that your body doesn’t properly burn fat. It’s typical for overweight people who have pretty good amount of stored energy in the form of fat which can’t be utilized. Thus my way of checking Body Mass Index says that in this case you have slow metabolism, high fat percentage and low density of muscle mass.

Do You Feel Puffy and Bloated?

Looking puffy and feeling bloated are clear messages for sluggish digestive system, decreased metabolism and low fat burning capacity.  Obviously, people who struggle with these types of issues have water retention too. If you are one of those people and you feel tempted to find out what is your Body Mass Index I am afraid that you will be disappointed from the result. You might learn that you should lose some weight and burn fat along with the need of building more lean muscle tissue.

In conclusion, I would like to share with you that BMI is important but there is no obligation to use it. The most important here is to recognize the need of this sort of body check and go to a specialist to read it for you. Then you can follow his advices and recommendations and work on bringing the numbers right there where they supposed to be.

About the Author: Passionate about health, fitness and detox Veneta Yoveva works as weight loss coach for over 20 years. Veneta shares her experience and passion at her website Weight Loss for Women. She also likes reviewing natural dietary supplements for women.

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