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Is Lifting Weights the Cause of Your Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids and Weight LiftingHemorrhoids are vascular structures which are present in the anal canal. These are nothing but veins that are swollen due to increased pressure on them. As a result the veins present in the anal canal will get swollen and often bleed. The pressure on these veins is due to heavy weight lifting, pregnancy, constipation and some other reasons. But in this article, I will discuss heavy weight lifting as it relates to hemorrhoids.

Lifting weights

In order to discuss more about this problem, first we need to split this into two sub topics: 1) heavy weight lifting for exercises and 2) occasional weight lifts.

Weight lifting for exercises

If your daily exercise routines involve lifting of weights, then you are prone to getting hemorrhoids. As lifting of heavy weights increases blood pressure of the person doing exercise. This increased blood pressure will be transferred to veins. If you are doing heavy squatting exercises then, the increased blood pressure from your lower abdomen is transferred to the veins present in the anal canal. If you squat very often, then you are prone to getting hemorrhoids. As I said above, increased pressure on the veins present in the anus will cause the veins to swell up; and if the pressure increases further, those veins will burst and bleed. This is why hemorrhoid sufferers often see blood in their stool. If you are a heavy weight lifter and often notice blood in your stool, then there is a good sign you are suffering from hemorrhoids.

To minimize the risk of getting hemorrhoids, the person who practices these exercises should do them correctly and should use proper equipment. For example, using weight belts can help minimize the risk of getting hemorrhoids. Doing the exercises under the guidance of a qualified and experienced professional, can also help reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids. Heavy weight lifting should be done slowly and in a controlled manner. Only by doing so, can you ensure that the pressure is lowered on the veins present in your anal canal.

In addition to the above, breathing also helps a lot in minimizing the pressure exerted on the anal veins. One must breathe out when lifting heavy weights in order to reduce the pressure you are putting on the veins, and breathe in when lowering the weight. This will reduce a lot of the pressure you are going to put on the veins. So breathe comfortably when lifting the weights.

Occasional lifting of weights

Occasional lifting may involve lifting of heavy weights from time to time, which means if you ever sort through your house or relocate for instance, you might need to move a lot of things from your old house to new house. You need to worry about this only if you are already suffering from hemorrhoids. In this case you need to be cautious because lifting weights at this time may worsen your condition as the pressure would be increased more on your already swollen veins; this might lead to the bulging out of your hemorrhoids accompanied with possible bleeding. So occasional lifting of weights can cause extreme difficulty for people already suffering from hemorrhoids.


There is a variety of treatments available today for hemorrhoids. Most people prefer to use 100% natural home treatment. By doing this, people can treat their hemorrhoids at an early stage because it goes out of control.

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