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Is Skipping Breakfast For Weight Loss A Good Idea?

Skipping breakfastThere is a unique way to lose weight for each one of us. Some skip their meals while others consume boiled vegetables and fresh fruit. For the sake of argument, let us agree that you are trying to lose fat by skipping your breakfast. Now that seems to be a very logical reason to start your day on an empty stomach. Read on as you get to know some hard facts.

Skipping Breakfast

What happens next is a constant battle of your brain and heart to win over each other. Your brain would signal your body to eat something as you are hungry, but your heart would lead you to remain hungry in an effort to lose weight.

This constant battle results in high levels of stress, which is usually fought with intake of foods rich in fat and sugar. In essence, you are trying to avoid sugar and fat but end up eating both of these high calorie foods as a result of skipping your breakfast. Today you may have taken burgers and fries to give you that instant dose of energy required under stress. Have you ever consumed a giant burger or even a small chocolate bar for breakfast? Does that ring a bell with you? Do you now see the dangers of skipping your breakfast? I never fancy the idea of skipping meals, especially breakfast because it sets in motion a complete disruption in your meal intake routine.

Breakfast is Very Serious

Breakfast is a meal you should never skip. This is because breakfast supplies you with the required amount of energy to start the day off. Without breakfast, you are actually inviting more fat to get stored in your body rather than getting rid of it.

Instead of skipping breakfast, consume highly nutritious foods such as nuts, grains, almonds, boiled eggs and low fat milk. Consumption of a healthy diet has a direct positive impact upon your body weight. In fact, eating multiple healthy small meals through the day helps you lose weight whereas skipping meals does the exact opposite.

The Golden Rule

Never miss a meal if you are looking to lose weight. Eat healthy foods whenever you can, to lose fat and supply your body with energy. I have experienced this for myself and found out that skipping meals is not a good long term weight loss strategy. Also, do not forget to consult with a health expert who can provide you with solid suggestions and create a customized diet plan for you if necessary.

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