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Male Cosmetic Surgery No Longer a Taboo

male cosmetic surgeryMany of you probably think that cosmetic surgery is for women and that they are the only ones who strive for perfection, but this assessment may not be accurate. A recent study found that an increasing number of men are undergoing cosmetic surgery. With the rising number of glossy magazines and with the breakthrough of the metrosexual man, more men are becoming concerned with the way they look. It’s not just the average man that is taking up cosmetic surgery – celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Boris Becker and Wayne Rooney have also gone under the knife. More and more men are having cosmetic surgery because it helps to increase their confidence. So what cosmetic surgeries are men undergoing and which surgery is right for you?

Nose job

The number of men opting to have nose reshaping is mounting every year and is becoming increasing popular. There are many reasons why men want to get a nose nob. Some of these reasons include removing a bump, narrowing the nose or elevating the tip. Some men do it to open the nasal passages so that they can breathe more easily.

Breast reduction

Enlargement of male breasts is known as gynecomastia. Larger breasts in men are often caused by obesity and (like women) men can have an abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue. Other causes of large breasts in men include excessive alcohol intake, use of certain drugs and dramatic weight loss.

If you are suffering from large breasts and you want to get rid of your man boobs, also known as ‘moobs’, breast reduction can help with this.

Hair transplant

Is hair starting to disappear from the temples and crown of your hair? Are you starting to feel conscious about this? Then have you considered a hair transplant? A little thinning of the hair may not be noticeable at first, but as it’s followed by wider hair loss more of your scalp will be visible.

Some men aren’t trouble by this process at all, but you might be one of the men that are affected by this. A hair transplant is where hair follicles from areas such as the back of your head are removed and replanted into the thinning area. Hair will start to appear between three and six months after treatment, taking on the same color and growing rate before the hair loss.


This surgery uses suction to surgically remove excess and unwanted fat from specific target areas of your body. During the surgery, the surgeon will numb the target area and make one or a few small incisions. By using a needle, the surgeon can break up and suck out the unwanted fat.

You may be considering liposuction for a number of reasons: you may be fed up of your beer belly or love handles. Whatever your reason, if you are unhappy with unwanted fat on parts of your body; then maybe liposuction is for you.


Your face is the place that people concentrate on the most and age, stress and your lifestyle choices can leave their mark. If you would like to look younger then you could get a facelift. This will soften your deep lines and wrinkles; leaving your face looking fresher and firmer.

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