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Stop Smoking Cigarettes, Start Vaping E-Cigarettes

electronic cigarettes
electronic cigarettes

There is an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and it is called vaping an electronic cigarette. As the cost of cigarettes is becoming prohibitive because of the taxes imposed on tobacco products, vaping electronic cigarettes are now equated to cheap smoking.

Genesis of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes came about partly because of all the fuss about second hand smoke health issues. There was also intense lobbying that smoking be forbidden in public areas and air conditioned public and private establishments. As most places are now air conditioned, this leaves little room for the smokers to get their nicotine fix. Smokeless cigarettes emits vapor, not the kind of smoke that are offensive to non-smokers.

E-cigarettes also get rid of the worry about the endless health risks associated with tobacco smoking. Cleanliness-wise, vaping does away with ashtrays overflowing with ashes and cigarette butts. Ugly scattered cigarette butts in windblown areas and hidden in crevices are also eliminated when smokers vape eCigs instead.

Vaping e-cigarettes

Vaping eCigs or Electronic cigarette is a cheap alternative to smoking as only the cartridge is replaced and the cig juice is refillable.  As the cig juice contains nicotine, the smoker’s craving for nicotine is satisfied.  In addition, the individual will not be emitting harmful cigarette smoke into the atmosphere anymore, only harmless vapors.

A vaper inhales from an eCigarette, thereby activating its battery and producing vapor similar to traditional cigarette smoke without tobacco’s odor which non-smokers consider unpleasant and even repulsive. Tobacco odor clings to clothing, car seats and upholstery, fabrics in the home, beddings, and also produces an unpleasant odor in the smoker, including his breath.  The eCig vaper gets the same feel and pleasure of smoking without the undesirable odor and taste of cigarettes containing tobacco; and the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

Let’s talk cartridges

A bottle of cig juice or e-liquid used for electronic cigarettes will last for 15-30 days depending on the user. The electronic cigarette is thus a cheap smoking substitute because its cartridge is refillable. A vaper only needs to buy the basic eCig smoking paraphernalia and refill it when needed.  The eCig cartridges are refilled with cig juice or nicotine liquid for reuse.  The heating element in the cartridge, called the atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the Nicotine Liquid so it can be inhaled.  It will then produce a smoke-like vapor very much like tobacco smoke.

There are numerous brand names of Electronic Cigarette available including different brands and types of the ecig juice. Vapers look at how long a cartridge lasts, the taste or flavor of the product, the vapor volume, battery life, and its overall value. Some of the more popular eCig brands include Smoke Tip, South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, The Safe Cig, Blu Cigs, White Cloud, Green Smoke, Halo, Eversmoke, Eluma, and eSmoke. Read the latest e cig reviews to learn more about these products.

There are also many choices for atomizer colors, flavors of e-juice, and even batteries.  Vaping is now an accepted, less expensive smoking alternative. Considering all the negative reactions of people to second-hand smoke and the smell of tobacco smoke, smokers have turned to vaping as a less offensive alternative to their co-workers and peers, without the need to quit altogether.

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