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The Importance of Preserving Cord Blood – Your Available Options

Cord bloodWhat is cord blood?

The blood which is drawn from the umbilical cord and the placenta, after a baby is born is called cord blood. This blood contains stem cells, which can be used for various medical therapies. The stem cells can be developed into other types of cells, which will help in repairing the organs, tissues, and blood vessels. This type of blood helps in building a stronger immune system and blood cells.

It is mainly used in the transplantation treatment, as a substitute to bone marrow. However, the physicians might opt for stem cell transplant, if the disease recurs or if the treatment fails. It helps in speedy recovery of the ailment. It has been noted that more than half of the ailments can be easily treated with the help of cord blood.

The blood is collected using one of the safest and painless methods. With the help of a syringe the blood is taken out of the cord. It is labeled with a code number, so you can recognize your baby. It has to be collected during the first 15 minutes, after the baby is born. Within 48 hours, this blood has to be processed in the laboratory.

You can make use of the cord blood banking facility to preserve and make use of it, whenever required. It is very important to choose a bank that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Bank.

About cord blood bank

Eventually, banking an infant’s blood and stem cells in a cord bank is one the insurance type. They can be stored in a private blood bank so that it can be used in future. There are some people who donate this blood, so that needy people can make use of it.

People, who intend to donate cord blood, don’t have to worry about any expenses. The blood bank will collect the blood, process, and store them in the best possible manner. Parents don’t have to incur a single penny from their pocket.

Bloods can be stored in the private banks, where parents want the blood to cure their other child who might be suffering from leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphoma, and immune deficiency. The charges of storing in these bloods differ from one blood bank to the other. Private Banks are more expensive, when compared to others.

There are some who offer discounted prices, which makes them quite affordable. You can make use of the online service to locate a credible bank, which is located near to your locality.

Why you have to store or donate cord blood?

The cord blood storage is bets recommended for all those people, who have a family history of blood or genetic disorder. You can store in these blood for the securing the health of your family, as you might be unsure of the same. You might have to plan your finances well in advance, in case you want to store cord blood with a private bank.

You can sign for an insurance policy that will take care of such expenses, thus making if affordable for you. These blood plats a crucial role in protecting your family from any unexpected health related issue.

You can notify the respective bank or hospital, during the 34th or 35th week of your pregnancy. This has to be done only if you are looking for donating or storing them.

If you cannot afford to store the blood, then you can donate it. This human act will surely help someone who has been struggling with his life. It is treated as a natural medicine and can help you tackle many health related issues.

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