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Tips For Staying Active In The Winter

winter-workoutThe winter is just around the corner and that chill in the air will make it a lot more difficult to keep active. Even generally active people tend to slow down in the winter since jogging, bilking and even swimming could be placed on hold until it gets warm again. Don’t be challenged for activity this winter here are some tips for staying active.

Shovel the Snow

Instead of paying someone to shovel the snow for you why not do it yourself? Sure it’s not the most exciting task but it is a good way to keep active. If you feel an extra boost of energy while shoveling you can clean your neighbor’s driveway as well and please don’t use the snow-blower!

Walk the Dog

Remember that your dog needs to keep active too and by walking him you’ll be doing double duty. Bundle up and throw a doggy coat on Fido too and take a walk around the block.

Go out and Play

Take the kids outdoors and play a few games in the snow. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight or some similar activity that is fun. You’ll burn a lot of calories, have some fun time with your kids and will have worked out without realizing it.

Participate in Some Fun Winter Sports

Ice skating or skiing with friends and family can make these activities so much fun that you get some exercise in without really being bothered by the cold. Apart from that it provides a great excuse to purchase some cool winter gear.

Park Far Away

Be different from everyone else who would be out looking for the spot closest to a building and park far away. Take a brisk walk across the parking lot and keep your metabolism going.

Take the Stairs

Forget the elevator and take the stairs as often as you can. Leave the elevators for those days when you’re carrying heavy loads. Stair climbing all through the winter will get your bum and thigh in shape when swimsuit season rolls around.

Whip out Your Workout DVDs

Winter is a great time to whip out those workout DVDs that you’ve been meaning to use. Roll out your mats and get going for a 15-30 minutes three times a week. This is a great solution for indoor activity.

Clean the House

Do some laundry, sort and toss out last season’s clothes, vacuum the carpet, clean the toilets or garage or whatever else needs cleaning in the house. You’ll be happy once the house is cleaned and especially happy that you got some activity in.

Walk the Mall

Getting some activity is a great excuse for heading out to the mall. Walk the entire mall and back and you would have received a day’s worth of activity. If you don’t particularly like walking the mall you can recruit a group of friends to walk with you so that the activity is a lot more exciting. Invest in a pedometer to count your steps.

Join a Health Club

Winter time is a great time to join a club. You’ll have all the workout equipment that you’ll need to work out indoors. There will be others working out there as well so you’ll have support and make a few friends. If you can join without contracts you’ll be able to return to your normal exercise routine once winter is over.

If you prefer to work out in privacy you can invest in a few pieces of equipment and create your own home gym. A set of dumbbells, a jump rope and exercise ball work well if you’re on a budget and could be just as effective as more expensive equipment.

Stay active during the winter and you’ll avoid the weight gain so often associated with winter. When its times to pull out your spring and summertime wardrobe you’ll be glad that you did.

What are some ways that you stay active when it gets cold outside?

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