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3 Easy Steps To Change Your Attitude Towards Physical Exercise

smile and exerciseGrowing up, I hated physical exercise. I wasn’t against physical activities but I simply hated doing anything that did not have a clear “fun” component. I would be all for playing football or riding my bike because those activities were fun, but I refused to do any sort of pushups, jogging or even sit-ups.

Even though I was very skinny I did not have a six-pack or anything that could be thought of as a shapely body. But still, every time I would try to do any kind of regular exercises I would get easily tired and quit after two or three days. Luckily I started reading a book by Carlos Castaneda that really helped me. It was about a college professor and his meeting with an Aztec mystic. I didn’t get much else from the book but there was a line told by the mystic to the professor that really spoke to me. He said that an impeccable warrior will act as a warrior even if on the inside he is scared.

I will get back to this line later because it really helped me a lot since it bought me the time I needed to stick to a my workout regimen. But first, I would like to tell you about two other rules, because they are simpler, and they really should come first.

Know Thyself

My first rule comes from the Matrix and it is what the Oracle tells Neo when they first meet: “Know thyself!” Every time I decided to start jogging I would do so only after watching a movie or reading a book about some great athlete. My problem was that my physical condition was actually worse than that of the athlete, even when he started his training program.

So if Rocky would jog up a flight of stairs, then I could barely jog half of it, but I would still push myself to be at the level of my heroes. And every time I tried to do that I failed, because I was simply too exhausted and I relied only on my own inner discipline to keep on going. But that doesn’t really work for more than a week or so, for me at least.

The point here is that you need to spend the first couple of days just figuring out how much effort you can actually put towards a particular exercise. And you need to be honest with yourself; if you can only run a mile in the beginning, then don’t push yourself to run two miles. Or if you can only run half a mile then run half a mile and leave it at that. You will progress with time.

Celebrate Your Victories

This rule is related to the first in the sense that if you start your training and you find that you can only run half a mile on your first day; by the second week you will find that you can actually run a whole mile. This is the moment when you need to stop and celebrate your victory. Brag, award yourself that piece dark chocolate you have been craving (which by the way is healthy in moderation), or do anything that will really get you feeling good. Also, don’t try to outdo your own record after the second day. Losing weight and getting strong is not a 50 yard dash; it is a marathon, and you need to pace yourself so you’ll have the energy to continue the race.

Act Like You Mean It

Finally, this was my first epiphany about exercising: all those people we read about or see on TV who have made it and are at their peak physical condition seem to be very happy about the exercising they do. To me exercising has always been close to torture until I read that line I mentioned earlier about the impeccable warrior who acts like a warrior even though he is trembling on the inside.

So I started acting like I was enjoying myself. I told myself that I was excited about the exercises I was doing and started them with a smile. Of course by the time I finished I would lose the smile but I would sing some happy tune in the shower just to get it back. And the funny thing is that this little trick actually worked the best. After the first week I was smiling naturally when I started my exercises and because I was not pushing myself over my limits, I was able to finish with a smile. You can, too!

About the Author: Physical exercise is always the best solution to keep you fit but your attitude is what will get you through your exercise routines every day. Evie Colies contributed this guest post to elaborate some easy steps that can change your attitude towards exercising. She also writes on Phentermine Pharmacies, to help people who are eager to lose weight.

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