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5 Tips to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

alcohol abuseThis is the season to drink. Although we all want to enjoy the holidays with friends and family we should still be conscious of how much alcohol we intake. In order to ensure that we are maintaining our bodies in a healthy manner, it is important to reduce alcohol intake so that we do not suffer the next morning from a throbbing headache. Learn some tips on how to reduce the chances that you drink too much on any given night so that you can be back up and running the next day.

1. Plan How Much You Want To Drink

By planning out how much you’ll have to drink, you can prepare for the evening. For instance, if you know you’re going to drink a little more than usual, eat an extra piece of bread before you leave to a party. You’re also going to want to make sure that you leave a bottled water next to your bed in order to remind to hydrate yourself before you go to bed. In addition to this if you plan to only drink 3 or 4 drinks then you know when to stop. Planning ahead of time can help pace you throughout the night. You can limit yourself to a couple of drinks before midnight and one or maybe two more after. The most important thing with any plan is to follow through, so make sure you do so you reduce alcohol intake as much as possible.

2. Hydrate Yourself before You Start Drinking

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before you decide to drink is to avoid water and food. By drinking water and hydrating yourself before you drink alcohol, your body won’t feel as much of a need to finish your drink as fast, (in an attempt to hydrate itself).

3. Plan a Morning Event

It doesn’t matter if you’re simply getting up to walk your dog or clean around the house. Make a plan to do something productive in the morning and you will be less likely to drink a lot the night before. If there’s a morning appointment that you made with some friends to catch some brunch, then you’re less likely to skip out on them, so make it something you know you don’t want to miss. The thought of a next-morning-appointment will prevent you from over-drinking the night before.

4. Choose the Smallest Portions

Going to a party with a huge beer mug isn’t the best way to reduce alcohol intake. To truly limit how much you drink, get the small cup. When you have no other choice but to drink out of a large cup then only fill it half way.

5. Entertain Yourself While Drinking

 Spark up a conversation with people and interact with your environment as much as possible. Instead of sitting around sipping on your drink out of boredom, every couple of minutes keep yourself occupied. After you start to engage in some type of activity your mind will forget all about the drink in your hand and you won’t feel the need to drink as much. Staying entertained while drinking is the perfect way to reduce alcohol intake.

At the end of the day your motivation comes from within. Only people who are serious about reducing their alcohol intake are the ones that are going to find themselves less intoxicated at the end of every night. Follow these tips as much as possible and think of new ones to apply to your life as well. In time you’ll see that you can have just as much fun while getting a little less intoxicated (a true win-win situation).

Author Bio: This post has been written by Adam Jones. He is a fitness enthusiast and writes about healthy food and nectar drinks. He also recommends hair restoration Houston.

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