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6 Ways to Relax Before an Important Meeting

relaxation tipsBusiness meetings come with their own level of stress that can put a lot of pressure on you and your associates. The worst thing you can do is make things worse by becoming anxious prior to the meeting. When you are anxious, you tend to panic and forget everything you had worked on prior to the meeting. That is why every business professional should use some proven techniques to relax prior to an important business meeting.

Review Your Material

One of the worst things you can do before a meeting is read and re-read your material until you no longer want to see it. You have spent weeks working on your presentation and you already know it inside and out. But a good way to relax just prior to the meeting is to read your material one last time and then put it away until the meeting.


A lot of business trainers will suggest opening an important business meeting with a joke to help lighten the mood and break the stress. The same principle applies to preparing for the meeting as well. Spend some time listening to your favorite comedian’s recent recording or watching funny videos on the Internet. Few things relieve stress more than laughing.

Be Prepared

Stress over an important business meeting often occurs because you get yourself convinced that you forgot something important. In the weeks prior to the meeting, while you are still lucid, you should make a checklist of every important thing you have to do prior to the meeting. The morning of the meeting, go through that checklist and check off everything that has been done. Once the checklist is complete, you will feel much better about the meeting.

Do not Eat

One of the biggest mistakes business people make prior to a big meeting is eating something because they feel it will relax them. Food may offer comfort in some situations, but eating is the worst thing you can do prior to a meeting. Drink lots of water to relax as opposed to eating anything.

Get a Little Exercise

Most people are dressed in their good business suits prior to an important meeting, so an intense workout is not practical. But going for a quick walk outside on the office grounds will help you to relax and clear your head. When you get anxious before a big meeting your body starts twitching and you start displaying nervous habits such as persistent eye blinking or touching your hair. A quick walk outside will help you to burn off some of that energy and give you time to collect your thoughts.

Play a Game

Most people have basic card games or other kinds of games on their smartphones. Playing games is a great way to help you break your own tension and prepare for a big meeting. If you manage to win a game or two, that can also help to improve your confidence. Luckily, losing a game won’t affect your psyche as you prepare for your big meeting.

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About the author: Mat Good is a writer and one of the founders of Good Relaxation – an online magazine focused on different relaxation techniques and happiness articles.
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